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5 Best GFCI Repair Companies in Moncks Corner, SC

For GFCI repair in Moncks Corner, South Carolina, there are a range of highly experienced electricians that can help. The electrical company that you choose should be qualified and experienced. If you are searching for an electrician that will provide you with a satisfactory job and an affordable price, check out our list of top electrical companies in the area.

#1 Powerful Electrical LLCAn electrician performing gfci repair.

One of Moncks Corner South Carolina’s most trusted electrical companies for GFCI repair is Powerful Electrical LLC. Their team of electricians are highly qualified to carry out a range of electrical tasks including GFCI repair. Providing both licensed and insured services, clients can have the peace of mind that their projects will be completed accurately and efficiently. Their comprehensive customer service is unmatched and with some of the most affordable prices and the highest quality work, Powerful Electrical LLC are the top contender for GFCI repair in Moncks Corner.

#2 EcoSpec Residential ServicesAn outlet with wires sticking out as an electrician repairs the gfci.

EcoSpec Residential Services specialize in all aspects of residential development. Although they started small, the business has continued to expand and provide services of all different kinds. Their electrical services are highly regarded and they are able to effectively execute GFCI repair. The team are trustworthy and experienced and work closely with clients to ensure that any and all of their residential needs are taken care of. No project is out of their limits and they pride themselves on providing solutions that work.

#3 Gregory Electric Company Inc.An electrician doing GFCI repair in moncks corner South Carolina.

At Gregory Electric Company Inc. their team is backed by over 60 years of experience. They prioritise safety and efficiency and strive to get every job completed in a timely and high-quality manner. Their experience in repairing GFCI units and their diligent approach is unmatched. Whether your project is big or small, Gregory Electric Company Inc. can provide clear and effective solutions. For a team that is both friendly and highly experienced in GFCI repair, this company is a go-to in Moncks Corner.

#4 Superior Electric CompanyA plug being plugged in to the socket after gfci repair.

Superior Electric Company have solutions for all of your electrical needs. They value the trust that their clients put in them and are committed to upholding their promises and delivering expert services. They treat everyone that they encounter with respect and go out of their way to serve customers to the highest standard. Superior Electric Company are known for their ability to promptly fix any mistakes and to consistently complete projects efficiently and to a satisfactory level. They are one of the best of the best when it comes to GFCI repair and electrical work in general.

#5 Sandlin Electrical LLC

An electrician standing with his arms folded out the front of his van to do gfci repair Moncks Corner.
Handyman with tool belt around waist standing next to delivery van

Sandlin Electrical LLC have years of experience in electrical work and in GFCI reparation. Locally owned and operated, they specialize in remodelling, additions and electrical repairs. Whether you are after GFCI repair for your residential property or for your commercial property, Sandlin Electrical LLC can service you. With affordable pricing and a passionate and experienced team, you can count on them to get the job done quickly and thoroughly.