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5 Best German Restaurants in Indianapolis 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading German Restaurants in Indianapolis. To help you find the best German Restaurants located near you in Indianapolis, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Indianapolis’s Best German Restaurants:

The top rated German Restaurants in Indianapolis are:

  • The Rathskeller – serves an award-winning menu of German cuisine with various entertainments
  • Heidelburg Haus – offers house-baked specialties and is a gift shop
  • Edelweiss Restaurant – serves traditional German cuisine in a long-running restaurant with a large patio
  • Half Liter BBQ – a brewpub that serves German and American cuisines
  • Grilliant Foods – feature European cuisine with a deli shop on the side

The Rathskeller

5 Best German Restaurants in Indianapolis1

The Rathskeller serves an award-winning menu of German cuisine with various entertainments. They offer jaeger schnitzel to filet mignon made with authentic flavors. Their recreation of various dishes delivers great flavors. Furthermore, they also feature a beer menu and an extensive wine list. They have wide selections of bottled beers from various breweries. The restaurant has a Biergarten that offers gourmet pub-style food. It is also a full-service walk-up bar for a convenient buying experience. Local bands and artists perform at the venue from Wednesday to Saturday. They perform a range of genres from acoustic rock to polka.

Products/ Services: 

German restaurant, German cuisine, live band


Address: 401 E Michigan St, Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone:  (317)-636-0396
Website: rathskeller.com


“The space inside is larger than you would expect. Real, historic timber wood decorate the inside along with flags and German paraphernalia. The food there is generous in portion size and delicious. Natural lighting also comes though from above.” – Kelia

Heidelberg Haus

5 Best German Restaurants in Indianapolis2

Heidelburg Haus offers house-baked specialties and is a gift shop. This cafe serves great Bavarian goods with fresh ingredients. They have a comfortable place to sit and enjoy their food. Furthermore, they have served the community with great tasting bread for over 50 years. They prepare their products using the finest ingredients. In addition, they have beautifully designed cakes for every event. They also offer gourmet food items from Germany. There are also chocolates and goodies from various European countries including Switzerland and Austria. Their gift shop is filled with great finds and uniquely found only at their shop.

Products/ Services: 

bakery, German cuisine, gift shop


Address: 7625 Pendleton Pike, Indianapolis, IN 46226
Phone: (317)-547-1230
Website: heidelberghaus.com


“It’s amazing! The owner is awesome! The staff goes above and beyond. A very visually stimulating place with great people and great treats all around. I will always come back here!” – Crystal Brainerd

Edelweiss Restaurant

5 Best German Restaurants in Indianapolis3

Edelweiss Restaurant serves traditional German cuisine in a long-running restaurant with a large patio. They also offer weekly buffets with varied dishes. The restaurant serves authentic dishes including Konigsberg Meatballs and vegetarian lasagna. It is offered with kraut. Furthermore, they offer great tasting sides of German potato salad and glazed carrots and green beans. They also offer whole strudels made with apple walnut, cherry, and peach variations. This product can serve 5 to 6 people. Aside from german fare, they also offer American food and desserts. They also have greats selections of beers and wines.

Products/ Services: 

German restaurant, German cuisine, buffet


Address:  8602 S Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46217
Phone: (317)-888-6940
Website: indianapolisgak.com


“Really nice restaurant with attentive staff. The food is delicious and the grounds are beautiful.” – Clayton Sparks

Half Liter BBQ

5 Best German Restaurants in Indianapolis4

Half Liter BBQ is a brewpub that serves German and American cuisines. They also offer seasonal flavors made from authentic ingredients. Their menu includes combo platters and family meals. This includes smorgasbord, tacos, and barbeque. Furthermore, they have a grilled menu that includes pork, chicken, and turkey options. It is served with homemade sauces. Moreover, they have an extensive list of drinks from beers to whiskey. They serve various blends and mixes with imported and local drinks. The restaurant also provides non-alcoholic options. They also have seltzer of cranberry, mango, and grapefruit flavors.

Products/ Services: 

brew pub, German cuisine, American fare


Address: 5301 Winthrop Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220
Phone: (463)-221-2800
Website: halfliterbbq.com


“We went for lunch which has a smaller menu than the evening. Two of us had brats, I had the eggplant schnitzel and my wife had the chicken fried steak. All of it was very flavorful. We had excellent service. The only regret was not having room for dessert.” – Bob Sweet

Grilliant Foods

5 Best German Restaurants in Indianapolis5

Grilliant Foods feature European cuisine with a deli shop on the side. They feature dishes from Germany, Poland, and Hungary. The dishes exhibit the authentic flavors of these European countries. They also stock their grocery with items and deli from these countries. These are also authentic products imported to Indiana. In addition, they serve BBQ with various flavors. They also create their own sauces used for cooking and eating. Their dishes have their own flairs made from their creative innovations. Moreover, they also feature local markets to support the community. They constantly expand to serve more communities.

Products/ Services: 

European fare, German cuisine, BBQ, deli


Address: 4320 W 96th St, Indianapolis, IN 46268
Phone: (317)-334-8797
Website: http://www.grilliantfoods.com/


“One of my favorite locations for delicious bbq. the staff was very friendly and attentive. I can see why they have so many great reviews.” – Fernando Hayden