GearEye – The Ultimate Equipment for the On-The-Go Professionals. Ft the GearEye CEO Inc. Julia Lerner

GearEye CEO Inc. Julia Lerner


Recently, the founder and CEO of GearEye Company had an interview with ValiantCEO. In this interview, she shared how GearEye was conceptualized. The interview brought many essential aspects that, as the CEO, Julia Lerner, experienced. If you work with your equipment and missing one could mean total disaster in your journey, you need to get on GearEye and always keep your gear with you.

Our article explains the importance of this App to understand from the founder herself how GearEye will be an essential part of your career journey. We will also present you with an overview of the process in which GearEye tracks that vital equipment for you. You will also learn how this software system will prove essential in your business by helping you locate those misplaced items you might have lost if you didn’t have them.

More on GearEye- The Smart Gear Management System

In 2015, Julia Lerner, the CEO of this company, missed her flight. The reason was she had lost her passport, which she later found. This situation made her think of finding all her essential items organized and tracked for a better experience. And this is how the GearEye idea came to exist. She finally decided to actualize her vision with her team, who developed this smart gear management system. They all needed a system offering convenience, comprehensiveness, and affordability. That was what GearEye does right now, according to the GearEye reviews we have seen so far.

What Does GearEye offer for on-the-go working professionals?

Are you looking for a quick solution with your equipment? Sometimes no matter what we may be dealing with, we may misplace and sometimes lose our gears. If you happen to work on a mobile basis, GearEye will provide you with an easy solution for managing your valuable equipment. After getting this unique smart gear management system, you will have them all and keep it that way. No matter the size of your equipment bag or equipment, GearEye will get you sorted.

GearEye lessen

Will GearEye lessen your worries and focus on using your gear instead?

Professional photographers, hikers and journalists may understand this statement better. Sometimes even managing your equipment if you work from home may get this chaotic. You concentrate so much on returning your equipment to its designated storage space. If it happens, it gets misplaced because you focused more on using it than storing it; your whole day may feel wasted.

GearEye comes to take this burden from you. With GearEye, you will get to concentrate on your work and perfectly use your gear without ever worrying about where it ends up. The GearEye app will help you locate it. The GearEye Company provides you with unique (RFID) sticker tags to place on your equipment. The tags come specially made for metallic and other surfaces. They prove high-quality adhesives and may last on your gear for years without worrying about falling.

To get started with GearEye, you may need a budget below $300 only. This budget will grant you the GearEye kit. This kit contains unique (RFID) stickers and a GearEye dongle which works as the (RFID) scanner. You will need to connect this dongle to your gadgets’ Bluetooth like your phone and help you locate your gear anywhere, any day.

The step by step procedure on how this smart gear management system (GearEye) will help you locate your equipment

You should never lose a single gear while with the GearEye App and the GearEye dongle. So, how does this smart gear management system work? Let’s break it down into simple steps to help you get there.

Step 1: Put on the (RFID) tracking devices (tags) on your gear

These affordable (RFID) tags get sold by GearEye as part of the GearEye kit components and as a product. They attach to your gear equipment for a long time compared to other alternatives due to their high adhesive nature.

GearEye has sold these tags at affordable prices of $0.10 per piece since the company started as agreed upon by Julia Lerner.

You will not require any battery to get them working, so they will last longer. The metallic gears like Cameras for photographers will need special (RFID) stickers, all available at GearEye. No matter the surface you need your stickers placed on, you will get sorted. This way, you will be sure to locate your gear anytime.

Step 2: Pair the GearEye app to your GearEye scanner

GearEye officials will help you download and install the GearEye App on your phone or any other mobile device. This App will be available on both iOS and Android devices. Open your devices’ Bluetooth and search the GearEye scanner. You will then be able to pair the device to the GearEye dongle. You will need to hold your dongle at the back of your phone for an easy setup. Once paired up, you will be good to go.

Step 3: Scan the RFID tags and Register your gears on the GearEye App.

You will now need to create your database with a list of your essential gears. This step will help the App record what you will need every time you go to work. This step forms the most crucial step in using the GearEye smart gear management system. Here, you will need to go to the App. While there, scan the RFID tag of your desired item, give it a name, and take a photo. The App settings will direct you in setting up the names of every item you need to be stored. With this done, you will track different gears saved on the App. This fantastic experience may not get delivered by other tracking Apps.

The gear App opens to add gears to a list for easy gear management.

GearEye App

Step 4: Get to organize your gears for an effective management solution.

You will need to go to the GearEye App and arrange specific gears for specific occasions or events for this to apply. This way, you will know what you need to carry for a particular job. It offers the perfect management environment to organize your day events without forgetting specific gears.

The App will allow you to make customized lists that suit your specific professional work. Isn’t that amazing?

Step 5: How to make sure you got everything you need

Once you step out, go to the GearEye App and confirm that you need all the gears you will be using that day. After packing your gear bag, pair your GearEye App with the dongle. Pass the dongle over your gears, and everyone detected will give you a tick on the App list. The “Quick GearCheck” button will allow you to know the missing item.

Proceed to allow the App to run in the background, and following the dongle’s sounds and your phones censor’s you will be able to locate your lost item. The App may also show you the last known location for your lost gear. How amazing will it get for you to be able to find all your gears?

The dongle helps scan your gear, and your phone ticks all sensed gear.

Who is GearEye best suited for

Who is GearEye best suited for?

If you get distracted by work and lose your essential gear, this gear App was designed for you. If you love having your equipment and gears organized and ready for the go, you will enjoy having this App. GearEye’s Kickstarter page shows that this product has earned over $600,000 in crowdfunding. These numbers mean that as the CEO of GearEye, Julia Lerner solved her problem, she helped solve thousands of other people’s problems.

Final Thought: Is GearEye the ultimate gear finder app?

If you need to find your gear amidst your busy work, let GearEye do that for you. You will find your missing gear and manage the gears you need for specific work appointments. Worry less, and work more.