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5 Best Gas in Los Angeles 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Gas in Los Angeles. To help you find the best Gas located near you in Los Angeles, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Los Angeles’ Best Gas:

The top-rated Gas in Los Angeles are:

  • Mobil Gas – one of the best and cheapest gas in Los Angeles.
  • Arco – providing quality fuel since 1966
  • Chevron – one of the best gas stations in LA with friendly prices.
  • 76 – experts in TOP TIER® detergent gasoline for more than 80 years.
  • United Oil – has some of the lowest gas prices for both cash and credit in Los Angeles.

Mobil Gas

5 Best Gas in Los Angeles

Mobil Gas was previously known as Socon-Vacuum Oil Company that merged with Exxon to form ExxonMobil in 1999. ExxonMobil is considered a major brand today. Mobil is ExxonMobil’s main retail gasoline brand in California, and in other states like New York, New England, Florida, and the Midwest. Mobil is also marketed in countries like Canada, Australia, Japan, Guam, Egypt, Malaysia, and Columbia. The Mobil brand has been a predominant presence in terms of gas stations in LA, with the gas station in K-Town being one of the more popular stations.

Synergy gasoline, Synergy Diesel Efficient fuel for passenger vehicles, fleets, and Synergy Supreme+ premium gasoline.

Address: 3309 W Olympic Blvd Koreatown Los Angeles, CA 90019
Phone: (323) 737-7738
Website: exxon.com

I love this Mobil. It has the lowest prices in K-Town and the vicinity. It caught my eye at $3.17 for a premium when everyone else was floating around $3.60 – $3.70 or something. – J’aime K.


The Best Gas in Los Angeles

Arco is an American oil company that operates in the US, Mexico, Indonesia, the North Sea, and the South China Sea regions. The company has over 1,300 gas stations in the Western United States alone and has installed five gas stations in Mexico. Their gas station crew in every branch are accommodating as well as efficient with their work. Most, if not all gas stations are timely and efficient and do not clog up the line of people waiting to gas up. Arco’s prices are also friendlier than most gas stations in Los Angeles.

TOP TIER gas, premium gas, fleet cards, Mobil wallet.

Address: 655 N Western Ave Larchmont Los Angeles, CA 90004
Phone: (323) 462-0020
Website: arco.com

The only affordable gas station in all of Los Angeles. I go out of my way to find an Arco so I’m not stuck paying an additional dollar per gallon at others. I think that’s enough said. – Brandon H.


Best Gas in Los Angeles

Chevron has always had an emphasis on putting people at the center of their energy conversations. The company knows that the well-being of people everywhere is dependent on energy that is reliable, clean, and affordable. That is why their gas stations are manned by consummate professionals that are consumer-centric, timely, efficient, and friendly. Chevron’s gas prices are also competitive, having better, or at the least, gas prices that have an equal value to their competitors. Chevron Koreatown is also a popular station due to its close proximity to many establishments that many people go to on a daily basis.

Lubricants and fuel additives, gift & credit cards, fuels, base oils, chemicals.

Address: 3817 W 3rd St Koreatown Los Angeles, CA 90020
Phone: (213) 387-3299
Website: chevron.com

So far, my experience coming here was good. They had items I haven’t seen at other local gas station stores, but overall customer service was decent and it wasn’t crowded either. – Joseph B.


Los Angeles Best Gas

76 has been servicing drivers with top-tier services and gasoline for the majority of the last century. Having been in business since 1932, 76 has been providing quality gas at quality prices, alongside other services. Their mechanics are known to be professionals and efficient, giving quotations that are some of the most affordable at the level of service you will be getting. The staff is also friendly and nice, one of the main reasons why customers keep coming back. Definitely one of the more popular gas stations in Los Angeles.

76 gas, promos & offers, cards & rewards.

Address: 4700 Beverly Blvd Koreatown Los Angeles, CA 90004
Phone: (323) 462-8400
Website: 76.com

Irvin always does the very best job on everything I ever needed on my 2014 Camry! Highly recommend it for all your car needs! – Jackie B.

United Oil

Los Angeles' Best Gas

United Oil is part of a network that includes 320 company-operated gas stations and convenience stores. United has established itself as one of the biggest independently-owned gas stations and convenience stores in the Western US. They offer motor fuel products in a variety of brands like Shell, United Oil (their own brand), Conoco, 76. They also own the We Got It! Food Mart, My Goods Market, and Circle K convenience store brands that always couples with their gas stations. The company operates its wholesale and retail stores primarily in California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington.

Motor fuel products, convenience stores, mechanic services.

Address: 2121 Arlington Ave Arlington Heights Los Angeles, CA 90018
Phone: (844) 586-4833
Website: unitedoilco.com

It’s not the best-looking gas station in the US but, one of the lowest gas stations in the area. – Monica L.