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Frankie Lane Debut’s New Installation at the ChaShaMa West Gallery

“You’ve Got Mail” has quickly become one of the most talked about installations to see in New York this week. Opening at the ChaShaMa Gallery on West 37th Street, the installation was created by acclaimed multimedia artist Frankie Lane. The work celebrates the history of mail delivery systems while encouraging audiences to reflect on their own experiences with sending and receiving mail.

Highlighting thousands of phases of mail delivery, from messenger pigeons to modern USPS, Frankie Lane aims to present the essence of this system. When browsing the installation, audiences will find canvases of mailboxes, mail bags, vintage letters hanging from twine, and more to enjoy.

Frankie Lane

A mailbox can say a lot about a person. It was this concept that fascinated Frankie Lane and inspired him to create this piece of art. He became intrigued by the choices people made for their mailboxes and what this meant for their individual experiences with letter sending and receiving. The history of letter writing is one of the key focuses of the installation, as well as speculation about the future of this craft. Frankie Lane aims to highlight the ways in which letter writing has declined in popularity, asking us to think about why we neglect this method of communication in the modern day. Be it convenience, cost, time, or other factors, many of us may not have written a letter in a long time.

At the premiere of “You’ve Got Mail” at the ChaShaMa Gala 202, attendants were given pre-paid postcards featuring some of Frankie Lane’s photography. This was to encourage them to participate in the art of letter writing once more. Hundreds of people joined in to write letters to family and friends. They were also asked to envision the receiver’s letter box and consider what the aesthetics of this structure meant.

The latest installation from Frankie Lane is another notable work to add to his impressive career. He is known for his work in the mediums of photography, video, collage, painting, music, and much more. “You’ve Got Mail” is already booked for future gallery installations in 2023.

Frankie Lane

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