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5 Best Food Festivals in New York 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Food Festivals in New York. To help you find the best Food Festivals located near you in New York, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

New York’s Best Food Festivals:

The top-rated Food Festivals in New York are:

  • New York Times Food Festival – food fest of New York’s juggernaut newspaper that is split into three newspaper-themed sections.
  • Food Network & Cooking Channel Wine & Food Festival – the Food Network’s 12-year-old food and wine event that has live demos from celebrity chefs
  • Harvest in the Square – a popular quarter-century-long food fest that showcases Union Square’s cuisines.
  • New York City Wine & Food Festival – food & wine festival where you get to taste dishes crafted by celebrity chefs.
  • TASTE Williamsburg Greenpoint – a decade-long tradition focused on showcasing Brooklyn’s fantastic food.

New York Times Food Festival

best food festivals in new york city

New York Times Food Festival held its pilot two-day food festival that featured three newspaper-themed sections that provided a unique visitor experience: The Park where you get to taste food from a bunch of restaurants, The Talks where you can listen to talks from food experts, and The Nights where you get a very unique dining experience.

The festival covers a wide range of activities for everyone who holds a wide range of palates to enjoy. If you’re a foodie, you’ll definitely find something unique and interesting that will pique your interest.


2-day food event split into 3 sections with newspaper-themed jargon.


Address: 41 W 40th St. New York, NY 10018
Phone: (212) 768-4242
Website: nytfoodfestival.com


Bryant Park was a great venue for the first NY Times Food Festival. The restaurants represented were awesome! The food was great and reasonably priced. The talks and demonstrations in that area were a blast. The chef from King on King Street was so much fun to watch. Such energy! The vendors outside the ticketed area were just as special too! We wish we paid attention to the special dinners offered by some restaurants at night. We will next year! – S. Doc

Food Network & Cooking Channel Wine & Food Festival

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Food Network & Cooking Channel Wine & Food Festival held its 12th outing where it offers pretty much everything that a food connoisseur would love. It has a vast range of foods from all types of food joints and restaurants. It also has live demos from celebrity chefs that you can watch and enjoy. The festival also provides master classes for the up-and-coming chef, and oh, lots and lots of food tastings.


The food festival offers fine wine and dining. Also, have live demos from celebrity chefs


Address: locations vary based on events
Phone: (866) 969-2933
Website: nycwff.org


I love the NYCWFF!! I volunteer because the organization supports a worthy cause to feed the hungry. 100% of the proceeds go to No Kid Hungry and I want to support by being of service. – Linda Boney

Harvest in the Square

NYC best food festivals

Harvest in the Square is a quarter-century tradition where its main focus is to showcase food joints in the Union Square area. After you get a ticket you will be introduced to a world of unlimited tastings of anything and everything New York. Standouts like the Nutella Cafe and Bocce USQ with their trademark treats will definitely make you gain a few pounds.


Union Square neighborhood food festival. Celebrity Chefs and their signature dishes cooked in a live demo for the crowd.


Address: Union Square Park, North Plaza
Phone: (646) 693-8205
Website: harvestinthesquare.nyc


Union Square chefs and sommeliers have been gathering at this annual park event for 24 years. This year’s celebration promises signature dishes made with fresh produce from the Union Square greenmarket, whipped up by renowned local restaurants. Part of what makes this event so great is that proceeds from it go to the Union Square Partnership, in other words, the people that keep Union Square looking beautiful and put on the community events that we love. – Time Out

New York Pizza Festival

New York City best food festivals

New York Pizza Festival showcases pretty much all the pizza vendors across the United States. The festival is free of charge to enter, but you need to buy a ticket for you to experience the tastings. The go-to slices are from New York’s Don Antonio and Las Vegas’ Metro Pizza, they sell fast so you better be quick!


Pizzas from the famous pizzaiolos from around the United States


Address: Crescent Avenue, The Bronx NY 10458
Website: nycpizzafestival.com


Going to be the best and most authentic food festival to hit the USA in a long time! – Fred Mortati

TASTE Williamsburg Greenpoint

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TASTE Williamsburg Greenpoint has celebrated a decade of unique Brooklyn culture. The outdoor bock-styled event has cuisine from almost all restaurants, wineries, bars, and breweries in Brooklyn. Standouts that you definitely should try are Ela Taverna, the Meatball Shop, Tacocina, and Baba’s Pierogies. The festival is managed by The North Brooklyn Community Center who is currently renovating a former firehouse to provide permanent shelter for a myriad of social justice orgs.


Decade-long food Festival showcasing North Brooklyn cuisine.


Address: 134 Wythe Ave · Brooklyn, NY 11249
Website: tastewg.com


Reasons why you should go next year — It is like Smorgasbord except for its tapas-style you can try every damn vendor as long as your stomach/wallet agrees. Ticket money goes to charity. Kid-friendly. Some vendors give free drinks without giving a ticket. You are supporting local business! – Laura D.