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5 Best Food Festivals in Austin 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Food Festivals in Austin. To help you find the best Food Festivals located near you in Austin, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Austin’s Best Food Festivals: 

The top rated Food Festivals in Austin are:

  • Festival Beach Food Forest – cultivates various edible forest gardens on pubic lands to educate and inspire
  • The Pecan Street Festival – features music, arts, and crafts produced by Special Events Live
  • Main Event Austin – offers fun and entertainment for various celebrations
  • Austin Oktoberfest – an annual festival celebrating the German heritage of Central Texas.
  • The Wine and Food Foundation of Texas – supports the community through engaging wine and food- lovers

Festival Beach Food Forest 

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Festival Beach Food Forest cultivates various edible forest gardens on pubic lands to educate and inspire. They empower the community to protect the public land near them. Through planting activities and other tree growing practices, they connect people together. Furthermore, they have various areas that they cover. They nurture the relationships of the neighbors through stories and celebrations. The diverse culture of the community is also featured in their activities. Moreover, there are listening sessions to educate the community. There are tea tasting and medicinal demo. There are also tours around the garden with free lunch.

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Address: 1/2 Waller St, Austin, TX 78702
Phone: (512)-974-6700
Website: festivalbeach.org


”Such a cool concept and place. Tons of fruit trees, berry bushes, herbs, and native plants! There’s not a lot fruiting right now, but we picked beautyberries, turks hat flowers, moringa seed pods, palmetto dates, barbados cherries and some mulberries!” – Roxanne Huckabee

The Pecan Street Festival 

5 Best Food Festivals in Austin2

The Pecan Street Festival features music, arts, and crafts produced by Special Events Live. It has been celebrated in the area since 2006. The festival is also one of the largest and long-running festivals in the nation. Furthermore, they support the preservation of the historic 6th street in downtown Austin. The organizers partnered with various companies and media. This festival takes place during the first weekends of May and the last weekend f September. There are many handcrafted creations using various ingredients and mediums. The food vendors feature healthy and indulgent options. This includes regional cuisine, smoothies, and cakes.

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Address: 501 Old Pecan St, Austin, TX 78701
Website:  pecanstreetfestival.org


”Great place to find art and a good time. I personally enjoy just walking through all of the vendors, to see the different styles and what they have to offer. The best part is a drink is never far away on 6th street, so you’ll never have to search when you are thirsty. Definitely check this festival out.” – Sam Alford

Main Event Austin 

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Main Event Austin offers fun and entertainment for various celebrations. The venue has lots of facilities to offer. They ensure that their guests will have a thrilling and memorable experience. Furthermore, there are 28 lanes of bowling, rock climbing, and laser tag. There are more than 100 games to enjoy. They also have a giant screen to watch sports with. Moreover, they have professionals handling the events. They make sure that their guests won’t worry about the organization of the events. From invitations to clean-up, they have dedicated staff to deliver quality services. They also feature tasty dishes and an extensive list of drinks.

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Address: 13301 N US Hwy 183, Austin, TX 78750
Phone: (512)-401-0000
Website:  mainevent.com/locations/texas/austin


”It’s always a fun time to go there. You have a lot of options so you can pick what’s best for you. The set up is such that you can go for two hours, have a drink and play pool or you can get a wrist band and really make a day of it doing a bunch of different activities. It’s easy to rack up a hefty bill if you’re not careful but I’ll keep coming back.” –  Melanie B.

Austin Oktoberfest 

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Austin Oktoberfest is an annual festival celebrating the German heritage of Central Texas. There are lots of German-style sausages, beers, and live music. Furthermore, the festival promotes the preservation and promotion of the culture in Texas. Foodways Texas partners with various organizations for the events. It is composed of scholars, journalists, chefs, and farmers. They highlight the distinctive food and food cultures. Moreover, there are numerous restaurants and food companies joining the festival. They bring out the best sausages and beers in their businesses. The authentic tastes of German cuisine fill the area.

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Address: 1607 San Jacinto Blvd, Austin, TX 78701
Phone: (512)-666-7464
Website: austoberfest.com


“Fun times here! Been to this event the last three years and looking forward to going again this year. If you like German music, food, and bier, you have to go to Austoberfest.” – Ryan Malsbary

The Wine and Food Foundation of Texas

5 Best Food Festivals in Austin5

The Wine and Food Foundation of Texas supports the community through engaging wine and food- lovers. They cultivate the community through educational appreciation. Their activities revolve around the preservation and culture of food and drinks. Furthermore, they host causal picnics and educational seminars. There are cocktail parties, galas, and intimate gatherings. Their fundraisers support scholarships and grants for the beneficiaries. They also support the hospitality community. Moreover, they have numerous activities that feature the food culture around the world. They have great resource speakers and exciting events.

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Address:  2121 E 6th St #102, Austin, TX 78702
Phone:  (512)-327-7555
Website:  winefoodfoundation.org


”Lots of great events throughout the year. My favorite last year was the Big Reds and Bubbles around the holidays. Got to pour (and taste) the Grange! I can’t wait to see what the spring time wine festival will evolve into but I sure have loved attending and volunteering for many years.” – Christy Horton