5 Fire Watch Services in Los Angeles, CA

Fire Watch Services in Los Angeles, CA

Fire watch services are very important, especially in a big city like Los Angeles. A fire can cause untold damage if it rips through a building and spreads, and if it gets too big it can be very hard to control it. It can have a devastating effect not only on the buildings, but it can also endanger the occupants and around the environment.

There are of course, the government funded fire services, however having fire watch services hired privately can ensure that the danger can be identified and responded to quickly before the government fire services arrive.

This can help to save lives and mitigate the damage that can be done by a fire. Fire watch services are often provided by highly trained, qualified and experienced individuals who have a past record of dealing with fires and working in these types of environments.

These fireguards are hired for when a building may need maintenance when their fire suppression systems are down or watching over people who are working with high risk fire environments.

Here are the top 5 fire watch services in LA:

#1 USPA International Security

fireguards for a building

Website: uspasecurity.com

USPA International Security provides a number of security services, including fire watch services. These will include offering fireguards for a building, who are trained to identify fire dangers, follow fire codes and create escape plans for occupants. Having a fireguard is necessary when your fire suppression systems are down in a building, or simply need someone watching over the occupants of a building.

They have over 1800 certified fire guards in the United States alone and can be on site to your building within less than 60 minutes. Their Google Reviews speak for themselves, and their clients are exceptionally happy with their services.

They have recently been awarded a national contract to hire 300 more fireguards across the country and have been expanding ever since.

#2 The Fast Fire Watch Co.

Fire Watch Services LA

Website: fastfirewatchguards.com

The Fast Fire Watch Co. is based in Los Angeles and provides fire watch services for properties. They strive to provide quality services for residential properties such as homes, condos and facilities such as nursing homes, as well as commercial such as construction companies.

They even do special events such as trade shows, schools and other special events. Their qualities include a fast dispatch to locations, as they have patrols roaming the streets ready to receive calls. The guards are fully equipped with equipment and are completely compliant with fire marshal codes in the area.

Furthermore, they are emergency trained to identify hazards and work with 911 authorities.

#3 Fast Guard

top fireguard services in Los Angeles

Website: fastguardservice.com

Fast Guard offers one of the top fireguard services in Los Angeles. From security guards to event security to alarm monitoring and patrolling, they have it all here. They operate 24 hours a day to provide fireguard services to clients who wish to keep their occupants safe while avoiding fines for violating the fire marshal code.

They are able to respond immediately to requests for help and deploy fire protection teams to locations in a short amount of time. They can even have a fireguard at your location in less than 4 hours!

#4 American Force Private Security Inc.

fire watch services LA

Website: www.americanforceprivatesecurityinc.com

American Force Private Security Inc. has a creative and bravado based name, however, don’t let that take away from their high quality services. Including security services, they also offer fire watch services. With over a decade of experience, they have professionals who are significantly experienced in these environments and situations.

With competitive pricing, this business is one of the best for keeping watch for fires at a reasonable rate while still receiving the best possible service. Offering 24/7 affordable services, no matter when you need them, they will be there.

#5 GNS Guard

LA fire watch services

Website: www.gnsguard.com

GNS Guard offers fire services for a large number of different geographic locations including Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and Palmdale. They are trained to meet the California fire code requirements, are highly trained and licensed in security, as well as insured.

Available 24 hours a day at 7 days a week, GNS Guard patrols the streets regularly respond to calls from clients. GNS Guard is a great choice when it comes to fire watch services in Los Angeles.