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Financial independence is possible for women under the guidance of Tanisha Jamison and Hood2Heights

Hood2Heights is the innovative new program that gives women the tips and tricks needed to navigate the entrepreneurial world and emerge on top. Tanisha Jamison is the mastermind behind it and is using her own experiences as an entrepreneur to guide other women. With a firm belief that anyone who is armed with the right mindset and some handy hacks can become a high-earner, the program is helping women achieve the life of their dreams.

Hood2Heights is not the first business venture for Tanisha Jamison. In fact, she started her very first business at the young age of 19. Her nannying business was a success and ignited a passion in her for both entrepreneurship and childcare. At just 24, her second business was born. This time, an at-home day care service. By 28 she had developed and grown two more successful businesses. Tanisha didn’t do this alone, however. She credits the guidance of other women as instrumental in motivating her to work hard and believe in her own abilities. Coming from an impoverished neighborhood in Cleveland, she was familiar with the feeling of self-doubt but refused to allow herself to remain stagnant. Instead, inspired by the experiences of other successful women, she created the life that she wanted for herself. Tanisha now earns much of her money through “passive income”, income that is earned without the excessive exchange of time. With her spare time, she created Hood2Heights as a way to pay it forward and be an inspiration for women beginning their careers, just as others were to her.

The program is a well-rounded and affordable program, aiming to equip women with all of the tools and mindsets that they need for their success. Tanisha aims to minimize the mental and physical limitations that face women, whether it be self-doubt or socio-economic factors, and help them see that financial independence is possible for them. She offers three Millionaire Masterclasses which provide business growth hacks and advice for both what to do and what to avoid when developing a business. Through allowing them to avoid common mistakes, this fast-tracks the time that it takes those undertaking the classes to grow their businesses and become high-earners. The programs also provides access to a range of eBooks. This includes some of Tanisha Jamison’s best-selling books like Passive Income Mastermind and the soon to be released auto-biography From the Hood to the Heights. These provide further valuable advice to women for becoming successful entrepreneurs. The program also offers clients the opportunity for a one-on-one coaching session with Tanisha herself. This session can be the final step needed for women to work out their specific challenges and limitations with Tanisha and kick-start their journey to earning a passive income. All of this is offered for the affordable price of just $20 per month.

Tanisha Jamison’s commitment to sharing the knowledge that she has gained on her journey is deeply inspiring and is sure to continue changing the lives of women. The program shows women that they are capable of being financially independent no matter what their situation is and helps them create the life that they deserve.