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5 Best Family Lawyers in Dubai

It can be quite distressing to deal with a family dispute. This is where a good family lawyer comes in! For those living in Dubai, in need to settle an issue with a loved one, we have compiled a list of the best of the best family lawyers in the area.

Top rated family attorneys you can find in Dubai:

1. Amal Khamis Advocates

best family lawyers Dubai

At Amal Khamis Advocates, their top-notch lawyers take pride in supporting you during this family hardship. The cream of the crop of family lawyers in Dubai, Amal Khamis Advocates have extensive knowledge in a multitude of areas in family law such as adoption, divorce, domestic abuse, and marriage. Their incredible team of legal professionals can help provide you with the best support and guidance to get you through this tough time.

2. Davidson & Co

best family lawyers in Dubai

You can expect nothing but pure magic by jumping on board on a case with Davidson & Co Law. Their high-end lawyers come from across the globe bringing together their unified knowledge in all aspects of the law from every part of the world including Dubai. With their offices based in Dubai, their provide exception advice for a family dispute.

3. Dubai Debt Recovery

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Want to have a legal expert you and your family can rely on? Dubai Debt Recovery have the best family attorney Dubai has ever seen. With their team of highly experienced lawyers, you can best sure you’ll be supported every step of the way in your court case.

4. Ask the Law

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The firm, Ask the Law, have a massive reputation as one of the top law practices in Dubai specialising in Family Law. Their legal experts serve across Dubai and beyond, making sure every family settle their issues amicably and with the right amount of benefits from both parties. They focus on areas of alimony, child custody and adoption, divorce, marriage, property inheritance, and surrogacy.

5. Awsuiwaidi Advocates

top rated family lawyers Dubai

Abdulla Al Suwaidi Advocates is a legal practice that has an incredible team of family lawyers, great at settling disputes surrounding child custody, divorce, domestic abuse, and prenuptial and property agreement. If in need of good support, this prestigious law firm has got you covered.

The takeaway

There is an incredible range of family lawyers Dubai has to offer. With this extensive selection, you can find a legal professional that can effectively support you during this hard time. You won’t have to go through this journey alone – with a family lawyer at your side, you can feel at ease knowing someone is on the case!