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Everything You Should Know About BroadwayHD

BroadwayHD is making Broadway accessible to an underserved global audience. While theater is traditionally an art form limited to a restricted number of bricks and mortar venues, this ground-breaking subscription service takes it from the stage to the internet, making the best of professional theater accessible to worldwide audiences using online streaming technology.

In this way the platform has filled a crucial void, eliminating barriers to accessing this niche market, democratizing an elite form of entertainment and allowing viewers to enjoy recorded and live-streamed Broadway, West End, off-Broadway and regional performances at home or another location or time suited to their convenience.

Specializing in live captures of high-end theatrical productions with HD or 4K cameras from multiple viewpoints, it is the foremost innovator in this field, leading the digital transformation of live theater arts, integrating it with streaming technology and eliminating geographic, economic, and physical limitations. With better accessibility and affordability, BroadwayHD is expanding Broadway’s fanbase on a global platform.

It is the only online streaming service of its kind, offering global audiences unlimited, on-demand access to premium full-length stage productions. Ensuring ease of access for its customer base, BroadwayHD is available to anyone with a connected device, from mobile phones and tablets to desktops, laptops, and TVs, accessible through Apple TV and Google Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Prime, Firestick, via the dedicated apps for iOS and Android or via the website www.BroadwayHD.com.

While most Broadway shows are still performing in person, many fans are eager to view shows from the comfort of their own home. BroadwayHD is the global aggregator of authorized, professional captures of Broadway and Broadway caliber shows, and as a result, the platform is supporting this worldwide demand. Go to www.BroadwayHD.com to learn more about this streaming service for theater lovers.