Enjoy a Taste of Home with Saltalk

Enjoy a Taste of Home with Saltalk

The memories that are attached to certain foods can be incredibly powerful. Food is particularly important for reminding us of places we have been and the moments that we enjoyed at certain times throughout our lives. Saltalk was created from the knowledge that people miss these place, especially if they are places that you consider home.

In 2013, Mr and Mrs Ming moved to Silicon Valley. One day, when eating at a Chinese restaurant with friends, Mrs Ming was moved to tears as the food reminded her of home. It was then that Mr Ming realised the power of home cooked meals and the benefits that they can bring to those missing their homes. He decided to develop a business which would allow people to enjoy a taste of their home and be reminded of the glorious power of food.

Saltalk has now become a diverse brand that collects a variety of brands and cuisines so that all of their customers may feel like they are right at home. It is extremely convenient to order meals with Saltalk. All it takes is selecting a delivery time, choosing your cuisine and ingredients, and waiting for your meal to arrive at your doorstep. Whether you are planning ahead and need the meal at a later date, or you are after an immediate solution to your food cravings, Saltalk can provide.

The name Saltalk comes from the idea of salt being one of the most important parts of our lives. It is a key ingredient of most food and accurately represents everything that the company stands for. The team understand the importance of sharing delicious meals with friends and family and hope to help their clients create these new memories while simultaneously reminiscing on old ones.

With free delivery that is guaranteed to be on time, you can rely on Saltalk to satisfy your food needs in any event. The affordable prices and delicious customisable food options have allowed Saltalk to establish themselves as a leader in the food delivery industry. It is their personalised approach that allows them to create meals unlike any other and to truly touch the lives of each and every one of their customers.