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5 Best Dumplings in Indianapolis 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Dumplings in Indianapolis. To help you find the best Dumplings located near you in Indianapolis, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Indianapolis’s Best Dumplings:

The top rated Dumplings in Indianapolis are:

  • Egg Roll Number 1 – serves delicious Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine at affordable prices
  • Taste Restaurant at Lucky Lou Seafood and Dimsum – serves authentic Cantonese and cuisine favorites and dim sum
  • King Dragon – provides a huge list of Chinese and other Asian dishes
  • Side Wok Cafe – serves delicious Chinese cuisine fusing it with a modern interpretation
  • Tian Fu Asian Bistro – offers Asian menus from China, Japan, and Thailand

Egg Roll Number 1 

5 Best Dumplings in Indianapolis1

Egg Roll Number 1 serves delicious Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine at affordable prices. Their Vietnamese menu features 15 types of Pho of chicken, beef, pork, and seafood. They also offer authentic Chinese dishes from seafood to vegetables. Furthermore, the restaurant uses the freshest ingredients and premium meats for their dishes. They prepare it quickly and serves it directly from the wok. Moreover, they serve steamed and fried dumplings. These are prepared using traditional recipes. They also use natural flavorings and avoid the use of extenders.


dumplings, Chinese cuisine, Vietnamese cuisine

Address: 4540 S Emerson Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46203
Phone: (317)-787-2225
Website: eggroll1.com


“I love coming here! They have a great selection of Asian cuisine and their menu is extensive. The food is always hot and delicious! Despite it usually being quite busy, the food doesn’t take long to come out. You can choose to dine in or carry out. The service is excellent too! I highly recommend it!” – Chica R. 

Taste Restaurant at Lucky Lou Seafood and Dimsum

5 Best Dumplings in Indianapolis2

Taste Restaurant at Lucky Lou Seafood and Dimsum serves authentic Cantonese and cuisine favorites and dim sum. Their signature dishes include shrimp dumplings and stir-fried items. Furthermore, their wontons and noodles are all handmade. their dim sum recipes originate from the Canton region. They also provide appetizer-sized portions for their various dishes. Moreover, their entrees include Wonton Noodle Soup, Roasted Pork Belly, and Roasted Duck. They also serve various seafood dishes from the fresh catches. The restaurant perfectly balances the flavors of Asia. They use the finest herbs and spices to create masterpieces.


dumplings, Cantonese cuisines 

Address: 3623 Commercial Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46222
Phone: (317)-293-8888
Website: tasteluckyloudimsum.business.site


“Delicious food and good service! My friend compared it to the other Taste restaurant nearby West Lafayette, and he said that this one was better. Recommend the fried intestine, dim sum (e.g. stuffed eggplant, fried shrimp balls, spring rolls) and fried rice. They even offered a page of American Chinese dishes (e.g. orange chicken, general Tso’s chicken).” – Da- Wang Wu

King Dragon 

5 Best Dumplings in Indianapolis3

King Dragon provides a huge list of Chinese and other Asian dishes. They serve authentic dishes from Asia using the best ingredients in preparation. This restaurant serves food fast. they also have great customer service. Furthermore, they provide large portions at reasonable prices. Their variety of dishes provides customers more food to try. Moreover, their menu features food with varying spice levels. They use herbs and spices originating from Asia. Some of the Chef’s specials include Seafood delight and General Tso’s Chicken. They also serve platters of fused Chinese dishes.


dumplings, Chinese restaurant

Address: 2134 Broad Ripple Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220
Phone: (317)-202-9378
Website: go2kingdragon.weebly.com


“In my opinion, best Chinese food in town! Family run business. Suggestion: Grab a menu before you get on the phone to order.” – Nancy Smith

Side Wok Cafe

5 Best Dumplings in Indianapolis4

Side Wok Cafe serves delicious Chinese cuisine fusing it with a modern interpretation. Their Chinese classic dishes s recreated with various twists. They provide new dishes for residents to try. Moreover, they use the highest quality of fresh ingredients to create their dishes. Their friendly staff warmly welcomes diners to the shop. Their menu includes Lo Mein and Chow Mein. They also have superior dim sum dishes. This includes wontons and dumplings. Various dumplings include fried and steamed pork, chicken, and seafood varieties.


dumplings, Chinese cuisine

Address: 1087 Broad Ripple Ave #2034, Indianapolis, IN 46220
Phone: (317)-722-1090
Website: indianapolissidewokcafe.com


“Chow Mei Fun House Special! My idea of comfort food, it’s so good and plentiful.
The owners are great and work so hard to keep putting out fresh dishes.” – Astrid Allwyn

Tian Fu Asian Bistro

5 Best Dumplings in Indianapolis5

Tian Fu Asian Bistro offers Asian menus from China, Japan, and Thailand. They also serve sushi made from fresh seafood. Furthermore, they gave classic entrees with choice meats of chicken, beef, and pork. Their specials include Szechuan beef and fish, smoked duck, and mango chicken. Their dim sum dumplings include Sxzchuan style which is very spicy. They also have non0spicy options to fit other taste buds. Moreover, they have varieties of salads including salmon skin salad and Japanese seaweed salad. Their friendly staffs quickly serve the orders. They also welcome diners warmly.


dumplings, Asian restaurant

Address: 3508 W 86th St #1992, Indianapolis, IN 46268
Phone: (317)-872-6888
Website: indianapolistianfu.com


“Good location for quality Chinese food. Everyone at our table was quite pleased. This place has a nice atmosphere.” – Chase Newman