5 Best Dumplings in Charlotte 🥇

5 Best Dumplings in Charlotte

Below is a list of the top and leading Dumplings in Charlotte. To help you find the best Dumplings located near you in Charlotte, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Charlotte’s Best Dumplings: 

The top rated Dumplings in Charlotte are:

  • The Dumpling Lady – offers various Chinese favorites prepared in Sichuan Chinese family recipes
  • Dumpling Girls – a food truck filled with huge variations of dumplings
  • Baoding Restaurant – features an extensive list of Chinese dishes, beers, and wines to choose from
  • Wan-Fu Quality Chinese Cuisine – serves delicious-tasting authentic Chinese dishes in the local community
  • China Tea Room – features classic authentic Chinese dishes to deliver an enjoyable dining experience

The Dumpling Lady 

5 Best Dumplings in Charlotte1

The Dumpling Lady offers various Chinese favorites prepared in Sichuan Chinese family recipes. All of their noodles and dumplings are prepared using the traditional recipe. Moreover, the restaurant opened in 2015 and has served the best-tasting dumplings since. The dishes are made by hand. Their ingredients are locally0-sourced to support the local market. Furthermore, their famous sauces are made using the best ingredients from Sichuan and NC. They also sell ready-to-cook dumplings and it comes with its sauce. Their dumpling variations include sweet pork belly, shrimp and chicken, and veggie. They also serve noodles like spicy beef, burning, and Sichuan Pork noodles.

Products/ Services:

dumplings, Chinese cuisine, noodles


Address: 1115 N Brevard St, Charlotte, NC 28206
Phone: (980)-595-6174
Website: thedumplinglady.com


”Dumpling Lady truly is filled with authentic and delicious food that rivals any restaurant in any city. If you’re looking for scrumptious dumplings and/or noodles or just want to try a new place. Just give the dumpling lady a shot….you’ll be back for more soon…see for yourself!” – Phibal Rath

Dumpling Girls

5 Best Dumplings in Charlotte2

Dumpling Girls is a food truck filled with huge variations of dumplings. They serve traditionally-inspired dumplings. The owner uses the Sichuan-style of cooking to create her masterpieces. Furthermore, they create twists on the traditional dumplings to create something unique. They constantly add new dishes to their menu to give people more options. Moreover, they sell their dumplings at various locations. This includes day and night markets and special events. They also are present during festivals. In addition, they use authentic and the finest ingredients for their dishes,. This makes the dishes reflect the true flavors of authentic dumplings.

Products/ Services:

dumplings, Sichuan-style


Address: 9330 Sandburg Ave, Charlotte, NC 28213
Phone: (704)-421-4409
Website: dumplinggirls.com


”Ran into this amazing Food Truck experience while enjoying a beer at Primal Brewery. I got the fried pork and shrimp dumpling combo with cucumber and eggroll. Extremely delicious! Dumplings were piping hot and so tasty no need for sauce!” – Pada Lo

Baoding Restaurant 

5 Best Dumplings in Charlotte3

Baoding Restaurant features an extensive list of Chinese dishes, beers, and wines to choose from. The food is served in a cozy diner with a relaxing atmosphere. They serve lunch and dinner every day on certain timeslots. Furthermore, they have a dine-in and take-out menu available. Their menu also Singaporean and Thai dishes. They also have dishes for vegetarians. Moreover, their lunch menu includes kong-po served with brown rice and spring roll. They also serve grilled dishes with chicken, beef, and fish variations. Their dumplings also include different ingredients. They use the freshest produce and premium meats in preparing the dishes.

Products/ Services:

dumplings, CHinese fare, Thai dishes, Singaporean cuisine


Address: 4722 Sharon Rd F, Charlotte, NC 28210
Phone: (704)-552-8899
Website:  baodingsouthpark.com


”Have gotten takeout from here several times. It’s sort of a hidden gem. A coworker recommended it and we’ve been really impressed with the quality for the price. They are always really fast too. I haven’t eaten inside yet, but the inside is beautiful when I’ve walked in to pick up our food. The staff is always very friendly too. Definitely will be back.” – Dustin D.

Wan-Fu Quality Chinese Cuisine

5 Best Dumplings in Charlotte4

Wan-Fu Quality Chinese Cuisine serves delicious-tasting authentic Chinese dishes in the local community. Wan-Fu means 10,000 happiness and that’s how they serve. They created dishes that surely satisfies the palates. Moreover, the restaurant has been serving tasty dishes since 1989. They value their guests by serving with great customer service. In addition, they serve starters with dumplings with pork and veggies. Furthermore, their menu includes various classic Chinese favorites. These are Kung Pao, Mala Beef, Sweet and Sour, Szechuan Beef, and General Tso’s. They also serve specialty items like Asian chicken, soft shell crab, lobster, and emperor shrimp.

Products/ Services:

dumplings, noodles, Kung Pao, seafood


Address: 10719 Kettering Dr, Charlotte, NC 28226
Phone: (704)-541-1688
Website:  mywanfu.com


”Nice place for quality chinese food. Don’t fret if it’s busy, it is worth the wait. I look forward to a return trip. This place has an awesome atmosphere. Food is similar to a cafe in Portland I liked.” – Collin Carpenter

China Tea Room

5 Best Dumplings in Charlotte5

China Tea Room features classic authentic Chinese dishes to deliver an enjoyable dining experience. They use the freshest and natural ingredients in preparing the dishes. The chef ensures that they create healthy dishes for their diners. Moreover, they have an inviting atmosphere which can be enjoyed by a lot of people. The staff welcomes the customers with a warm welcome. Furthermore, their dishes include chow mien, noodles, and egg foo young. They have variations of chow mein including vegetables, chicken, pork, and beef. There are the same variations for their noodles. They serve dumplings which can be fried or steamed.

Products/ Services:

dumplings, noodles, chow mein


Address:  11112 S Tryon St # B, Charlotte, NC 28273
Phone:  (704)-583-1688
Website:  chinatearoom.com


”Hot fresh food. I ordered the spicy wings with pork fried rice. And a shrimp fried rice to go. It was really good. I would come back.” – Kenron Denmon