5 Best Drink Driving Attorneys in San Jose🥇

5 Best Drink driving Attorneys in San Jose
Drink Driving. Source: Pixabay

Below is a list of the top and leading Drink Driving Attorneys in San Jose. To help you find the best Drink Driving Attorneys located near you in San Jose, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

San Jose’s Best Drink Driving Attorneys:

The top rated Drink Driving Attorneys in San Jose are:

  • Tennille Duffy – Summit Defense – gained a distinction as an accurate and straightforward advocate
  • The San Jose DUI Experts – Airport Office – a huge powered boutique law company
  • Darren T. Kavinoky – The Kavinoky Law Firm – an enthusiastic member of many judicial associations.
  • Braid Pezzaglia – Law Offices of Braid Pezzaglia – work concentrating on providing tailored legal representation
  • Swanson Law Group – have been serving individuals in need of legal assistance

Summit Defense

Tennille Duffy
Tennille Duffy – Summit Defense. Source: Screenshot from www.summitdefense.com

Tennille Duffy is an Australian-equipped lawyer who surpassed at law school, gaining admission into a contentious practical law curriculum, winning primary in Advanced Criminal Law in her last year, and remaining granted her law diploma with Recognition. Ms. Duffy started her profession in Sydney by working as a clerk for a Supreme Court Judge. Afterward, she transferred into a criminal defense work where she served clients in subjects varying from shoplifting and DUI, and other felonies, and administered hundreds of cases.

She gained a distinction as an accurate and straightforward advocate who was constantly well equipped and was not hesitant to hold up to the police or their observers in the courtroom. She is still an associate of the National Lawyer’s Guild and routinely serves clients pro bono who would oppositely not have a defender.


DUI, Embezzlement, Federal Crime, Hit and Run, Grand Theft, Child Pornography, Child Molestation, Sex Crimes, Sex Offender Registration, Rape, & More


Address: 2570 North 1st Street Second Floor, San Jose, CA 95131
Phone: (408) 333-9622
Website: www.summitdefense.com


“Summit Defense did a great job. They were upfront with cost and how to prepare for the hearing. In doing so the case was completely dismissed as they worked with District Attorney’s office to keep my record clean. So definitely two thumbs up.” – Gabe Aguilar

The San Jose DUI Experts – Airport Office

The San Jose DUI Experts - Airport Office
The San Jose DUI Experts – Airport Office. Source: Screenshot from www.sanjoseduiattorneynow.com

The San Jose DUI Experts is a huge powered boutique law company that is no newcomer to conflicts with the state. Each DUI lawsuit is a dispute with the state. The police hold and witness against you. The San Jose City Attorney or District Attorney has nearly endless man-power to execute the case. To be prosperous, you require a lawyer that has a record of accomplishment disputing against the state.

Their office grants free discussions to possible clients to assist them to decide whether or not choosing a skilled DUI lawyer in San Jose is the best choice for them. To support you in examining your choices, they make sure to offer some general knowledge on their website regarding the DUI rule in San Jose.


DUI Defense


Address: 1762 Technology Dr #106B, San Jose, CA 95110
Phone: (669) 201-3060
Website: www.sanjoseduiattorneynow.com


“I was desperate for some help after my DUI. After answering my call, they worked to calm me down and helped me to determine the best way to approach my legal situation. They wanted to be sure I knew what was going on and would address my questions right away. Both Sam and Jack were very helpful. Thank you!!!” – Oliver Davies

The Kavinoky Law Firm

Darren T. Kavinoky
Darren T. Kavinoky – The Kavinoky Law Firm. Source: Screenshot from www.nocuffs.com

Darren T. Kavinoky finished his college in 1989 at the San Diego State University and completed his law degree at the University of LaVerne, College of Law at San Fernando Valley in 1994. The same year in 1994, he was admitted to the bar. Mr. Kavinoky is an enthusiastic member of many judicial associations, including the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers as a life member, and various other organizations dedicated to felonious representation. He is recognized to work in both California state and federal tribunals and is acknowledged as the best DUI lawyer in LA, CA.

Additionally, Mr. Kavinoky is constantly summoned to discourse to both lawyers and different individuals in conferences across the nation. His speech subjects are diverse and involve cross-examination procedures, jury choice, ethical concerns in criminal defense, DUI / DWI law, substance abuse, and many more.


DUI, Criminal, Court, Federal, Post Conviction


Address: 2880 Zanker Rd Suite 203, San Jose, CA 95134
Phone: (408) 240-0249
Website: www.nocuffs.com


“Service has been fast and fair. The attorney assigned to my case knew exactly how to respond to my needs. We’re still in the midst of the legal process but I am confident I’ll get a positive result.” – Daniel Gomez

Law Offices of Braid Pezzaglia

Braid Pezzaglia
Braid Pezzaglia – Law Offices of Braid Pezzaglia. Soirce: Screenshot from www.pezzaglialaw.com

Braid Pezzaglia is a San Jose personal injury attorney and the originator of the Law Offices of Braid Pezzaglia. Working subsequently at a great firm, he chose to establish his work concentrating on providing tailored legal representation to offense victims in California. Braid was born in San Francisco, he is a fifth-generation Californian. Braid grew up involved in competitive aquatics, tennis, classical piano, and tae kwon do.

Additionally, he served as a Eucharistic minister. Mr. Pezzaglia studied at the University of California, Riverside for Business Administration where he received his Bachelor of Science. His varied experience has helped him in building a powerful connection with his clients, producing in a litany of confident testimonials.


Motor Vehicle Accidents, Defective Products, Wrongful Death, Premises Liability, Public Entity Liability


Address: 2375 Forest Avenue San Jose, CA 95128
Phone: (408) 650-8955
Website: www.pezzaglialaw.com


“My husband, Dad, and I were in a car accident last August. We had to hire an attorney to help us. Mr. Pezzaglia and Aids were wonderful to work with. I highly recommend them. Thank you for everything.” – Pamela Torrisi

Swanson Law Group

Swanson Law Group
Swanson Law Group. Source: Screenshot from www.theswansonlawgroup.com

Swanson Law Group is always ready to assist you. They have been serving individuals in need of legal assistance. They worry about your well-being, your improvement, and your payment. Their lawyers and assistance staff are sympathetic, motivated, and thriving. Swanson Law Group has the experience and resources to proceed with a balanced and complete agreement or grant – one that supports you create a more reliable and more radiant future for you and your family.

The firm has a 99% victory rate and over $85 million in reimbursements for their clients. They produce outcomes without losing the quality of care.


Bicycle Accident, Bus Accident, Car Accident, Uber Lyft, Catastrophic Injuries, Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Motorcycle Accident, Pedestrian Accident, Truck Accident


Address: 1798 Technology Dr #202, San Jose, CA 95110
Phone: (408) 533-0090
Website: www.theswansonlawgroup.com


“Attorney-Benjamin Swanson and his staff are excellent, empathetic and great listeners. They truly invest time in processing your case. Amazed with how fast and available they make themselves when you have a question, including weekends, which are outside of office hours. Appreciate how many times I received a direct answer by the attorney himself. Highly recommend this office for you legal needs.” – Janet Juarez