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5 Best and Top-Rated Dress Shops in San Jose 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Dress Shops in San Jose. To help you find the best Dress Shops located near you in San Jose, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

San Jose’s Best Dress Shops:

The top-rated dress shops in San Jose are:

  • Artesanias Tapatias Kool – showcases the creation of different artisans that promotes sustainable products.
  • Diaz Men’s Wear – a men’s clothing store that offers customized suits, shirts, shoes, and accessories.
  • Tillys – offers a wide range of selection of men’s, women’s, and kids’ clothing.
  • Carter’s Curbside Available – clothing shop for babies and kids’ apparel.
  • Ella Plus – an exclusive women-only clothing store that sells clothes for plus-sized women.

Artesanias Tapatias Kool

San Jose best dress shop

Artesanias Tapatias Kool sells clothes made by talented artisans that combine the latest fashion and tradition. Their product includes clothes, shoes, accessories, and decorations that are mostly handcrafted and made of sustainable materials. Without a doubt, their goods are made intricately by gifted artists and definitely worth every penny. They are also known for being friendly and approachable to their customers that you won’t have a hard time searching for the items that you seek for.

You can browse through their website for their latest items and you can opt for the items that you want to be delivered directly to your doorstep by adding them to your online cart.


Address: 1690 Story Rd suite #125, San Jose, CA 95122
Phone: (408) 809 6066


“They had great customer service and were amazingly kind with everyone. They helped us find what we were looking for.” – Chelsy Aguillar Gomez

Diaz Men’s Wear

best dress shop in San Jose

Diaz Men’s Wear is the go-to place if you are only looking for men’s apparel. It is a family-owned shop and you can mostly see the owner of the store visiting and tending the shop together with his friendly yet professional staff.

This shop is mostly known for their hats but they also sell clothes and shoes with a variety of selective styles that dates back to the late ‘70s up to the present. The prices for their items are reasonable enough and depend on the rarity and design. They also offer adjustments for the garments to fit your size for a small fee.


Address: 70 E Santa Clara St, San Jose, CA 95113
Phone: (408) 297 8443


“The staff here is just wonderful! They are so kind to their customers and truly embody what the customer service experience is about. With our end of month poker tournament right around the corner, I wanted to get myself a new fedora and I found the perfect one here at Diaz Men’s Wear.” – Donald Greenwood


dress shop in San Jose

Tillys caters to all gender, sizes, and ages and offers clothes for every season with their warm flannels and hoodies for winter to boardshorts and bikinis for summer. The go-to shop for someone who is buying for different types of wearer especially if it is for a family. They sell clothes for a very affordable price and you can even find some steal deals in this shop. Do not worry about getting overwhelmed with the number of items being sold because their salespersons are all approachable and would gladly assist you to help you find what you need.


Address: 2200 Eastridge Loop, San Jose, CA 95122
Phone: (408) 238 2418


“Mathew, Valeria, and one other were very polite and consistently making sure I was finding everything alright. Thanks, guys!” – Juann

Carter’s Curbside Available

SJ best dress shop

Carter’s Curbside Available is for people looking for babies’ and kids’ clothes at a very affordable price. They are known for their good quality garments with good prices and for having sale most of the time. It is a well-organized and efficient running shop thanks to their display arrangement and accommodating staff.

If you do not have time to visit the shop, feel free to check out their website and browse through it. You can either choose to pick up your items or have them delivered directly to your doorsteps. They offer free shipping for orders with a total of 35 USD and up.


Address: 5353 Almaden Expy j40, San Jose, CA 95118
Phone: (408) 266 0390


“I had a great time in this store as they have adorable outfits for babies and for children. Looking forward to going there again since they always have a great sale. I love it!” – Joanne Willson

Ella Plus

San Jose dress shop

Ella Plus is the perfect shop for ladies having a hard time looking for their sizes since it caters to plus-sized women. The quality of their clothes is almost at par with known stores yet they sell them at a very budget-friendly price. They have a wide selection of clothes and are always up-to-date with the latest trends.

For interested buyers with hectic schedules, simply visit their website and check out their items to save time. They also do door-to-door delivery and free shipping for orders over 75 USD. Rest assured that in case the item is no longer available but you managed to check out, they do refunds as soon as possible.


Address: 412 N Capitol Ave, San Jose, CA 95133
Phone: (408) 347 1065


“Nice clothes. Cute alternatives for not too young, nor too old women.” – Mareena Garcia