Dr. Vasanth Lad – Everything You Should Know

Dr. Vasanth Lad
Dr. Vasanth Lad

Dr. Vasanth Lad is an Ayuverdic medical practitioner who has brought the traditional medicine practice to America. Originally, he served 3 years as the medical director of Ayuverda Hospital in Prune, India, and was also a professor of Ayuverdic medicine at the Prune University College of Ayuverdic Medicine for 15 years.

His qualifications do not end there, however, as he also holds a Bachelor’s degree of Ayuverdic Science. His wealth of knowledge has allowed him to train in the study of Allopathy, a Western medicine, and surgery within traditional Ayuverdic medicine. In 1979, he travelled to the United States with his knowledge of Ayuverdic medicine, and founded the Ayuverdic Institute, in which he holds the position of principal instructor.

In addition to this, he is the author of many published works on the topics of Ayuverda. These published works include hundreds of articles, as well as books which have sold over 700,000 copies in the United States.

His Ayuverdic Institute is based in New Mexico, and was founded in 1984. It originally taught from a singular location, before expanding to having over three buildings in its current state. These buildings hold the administrative offices, the bookstore, library and even kitchen. The other buildings hold the Panchkaram department, where traditional Ayuverdic medicine is applied to people by qualified and skilled practitioners.

Dr. Vasanth Lad is a skilled practitioner of Ayuverda medicine who is considered a notable figure, especially in the United States. His Ayuverdic Institute is a hallmark of the field in America.