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Dr. Timothy Marten – San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

With over 25 years’ worth of experience in the field of plastic surgery, Dr Timothy Marten remains one of the most highly-regarded cosmetic surgeons. Dr Marten is the founder and director of the Marten Clinic of Plastic Surgery – a commended institution based in San Francisco. After receiving his medical degree (with honors) from the prestigious University of California, Dr Marten pursued his training in both general and microsurgery.

After deciding that plastic surgery was a specialty he wished to pursue, Dr Marten commenced his residency with the University of Illinois at the Chicago Medical Centre. During this time, he was accepted by three different plastic surgery fellowships, where he was able to pursue more advanced training in cosmetic procedures of the body, breast and face. Dr Marten is a diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a recipient of the Certificate of Advanced Education in Aesthetic Surgery.

Dr Marten has been selected as one of the most trusted and reliable cosmetic surgeons in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has made over 800 presentations relating to his work at national and international forums. He is also a published writer of a plethora of scientific articles and studies and is an author of one of the most-cited and widely referenced cosmetic surgery textbooks.

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I am a 50 year old plastic surgeon in Louisiana who chose to have my face rejuvenated by Dr. Tim Marten. Dr. Marten is solely focused on facial and neck rejuvenation, and I appreciate that. I know how important it is to have your first surgery done correctly and well. He takes facial anatomy and beauty to a new level and sincerely wants to perform the best surgery possible for every single patient. Dr. Marten is a Surgeon Artist. I am now 2 months out from surgery and can not properly express my gratitude for his expertise. The hallmark of great facial plastic surgery is that you still look like yourself – just a more youthful version. That is what he did for me.
Helen, his nurse, is wonderful and thorough. The staff made sure that I had all of my medications and needs met. I had the most beautiful flower arrangement in my hotel upon arrival. Dr. Stephen King, his anesthesiologist, was great and I had no post operative nausea. I did not receive any special treatment because I am a colleague. I actually referred a difficult revision patient in December of 2018 and she received the exact same treatment with outstanding results. I knew I wanted a surgeon who looks at every person as a family member and will go to every length to give them their very best.” – Holly Wall

He is the best surgeon in facial rejuvenation in the whole world. Me, as a plastic surgeon, chose him among everyone and I travel to San Francisco every time I need something done to my face. He is simply THE BEST. His results are unparalleled and I have never seen results such as his in years and years I have been assisting to conferences all around the world.” – Proyecto Microtia