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5 Best Divorce Lawyer in New York🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Divorce Lawyer in New York. To help you find the best Divorce Lawyer located near you in New York, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

New York’s Best Divorce Lawyer:

The top rated Divorce Lawyer in New York are:

  • Katherine Eisold Miller – The Miller Law Group – running a law firm where they consider their clients as people first
  • Paul E Rudder, Esq. – a leading and most deeply respected divorce lawyer in NYC
  • Stephen Bilkis – Stephen Bilkis & Associates – working for more than 20 years
  • Peter L. Cedeño – Cedeno Law Group, PLLC – private practice for more than two decades
  • Steven J. Mandel – The Mandel Law Firm – ascribes his practice serving in front of a public

The Miller Law Group

Katherine Eisold Miller
Katherine Eisold Miller – The Miller Law Group. Source: Screenshot from www.westchesterfamilylaw.com

Katherine Eisold Miller‘s initial experience at a firm was about practicing marital work and child welfare litigation. After years of practicing under those areas, she discerned that there had to be a more beneficial approach to assist individuals to resolve divorces compared to what her co-workers were doing. In 1990, Katherine took her initial mediation education. By combining mediation concepts and experiences into her divorce interventions, the opportunity to gain mutual answers that didn’t produce long-term separation was much more apparent.

By grasping of her restraints from her own divorce, she discovered independence and confidence in herself. That’s what permitted her to take charge of her life. It is that chance that drove her to establish the Miller Law Group, running a law firm where they consider their clients as people first and defend the benefits of their children.


Collaborative Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Divorce, Family Business & Estate Planning, Legal Separation, Maintenance, Marital Agreement, Mediation, Postnuptial Agreement, Prenuptial Agreement, Virtual Meeting


Address: 271 North Ave #812, New Rochelle, NY 10801
Phone: (914) 738-7765
Website: www.westchesterfamilylaw.com


“Katherine Miller has a great family law team. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a family law attorney in New York. And I love to get her newsletter every month.” –
Zach Ashby

Paul E Rudder, Esq.

Paul E Rudder, Esq.
Paul E Rudder, Esq. Source: Screenshot from www.divorcelawyersnyc.org

Paul E. Rudder, ESQ is a leading and most deeply respected divorce lawyer in NYC, committed to producing excellent legal representation to clients for more than three decades. Having managed thousands of family law and divorce concerns, Mr. Rudder distinguishes himself by having produced a boutique work; he examines all circumstances himself from inception to end. He does not charge his work to others. All document, calls and Court Appearance is handled personally by him.

Paul E. Rudder, ESQ’s practice with clients is committed to producing an efficient, tailored plan that leads his clients within the complexities of the divorce method and gets aspired outcomes.


Consultations & Advice, Uncontested Divorce, Contested Divorce, Separation Agreements, High Net Worth Divorces, Prenuptial Agreement, Postnuptial Agreement, Post-Divorce, Child Custody Disputes, Attorney (Guardian) for the Child, Same-Sex Divorce, Same-Sex Prenuptial Agreements


Address: 950 3rd Ave 11th floor, New York, NY 10022
Phone: (212) 826-9900
Website: www.divorcelawyersnyc.org


“Paul was phenomenal at keeping me even-keeled, thinking long term, and doing more than just consulting me on the legalese. He consulted me on how to get through my divorce in the most amicable way, that set me and my ex up for long term cooperation. I trusted him to advise me on what was best for my child and our future lives – not just what was best for me in the separation. In my opinion, that is one of the most valuable assets a divorce lawyer can provide their client. I recommend Paul highly.” – Charles Arcella

Stephen Bilkis & Associates

Stephen Bilkis
Stephen Bilkis – Stephen Bilkis & Associates. Source: Screenshot from www.familylawyer.1800nynylaw.com

Stephen Bilkis established the Stephen Bilkis & Associates subsequently after finishing from Touro Law School in 1997. One of their principal fields of focus is family law. For more than two decades, they have been acknowledged by both their clients and their companions for their robust support for their clients as they embody their concerns with empathy and comprehension.

They recognize how emotionally exhausting and disappointing the process can be, and they are working hard to serve their clients to obtain an affirmative result. The Law Offices of Stephen Bilkis & Associates is engaged to nurtured success by applying their expertise, education, and sources to constantly offer their clients exceptional lawful representation.


Abuse & Neglect, Adoption, Annulment, Divorce, Emancipation of Minors, Father’s Rights, Grandparent’s Rights, Guardianship Law, Order of Protection, Paternity, Postnuptial Agreements, Separation


Address: 100 Park Ave 16th floor, New York, NY 1001
Phone: (212) 254-6800
Website: www.familylawyer.1800nynylaw.com


“We were referred to this lawyer so we could probate my parents’ estate. He and his office were very helpful. He was realistic about the time frame. He helped us get the paperwork to him. His staff was very understanding since we were not in New York. A very sad time in my life, but this office made the probate as easy as possible.” – Reba Mitchell

Cedeno Law Group, PLLC

Peter L. Cedeño
Peter L. Cedeño – Cedeno Law Group, PLLC. Source: Screenshot from www.nyc-divorces.com

Peter L. Cedeño‘s private practice for more than two decades has focused on matrimonial and family law matters, where he is entrusted by clients and companions associated. Managing all from high net-worth divorces to favorable, uncontested separations. Mr. Cedeño has victoriously embodied New Yorkers who have experienced a wide range of criminal charges.

Mr. Cedeño’s unwavering dedication to clients has driven to many complimentary resolutions. Peter L. Cedeño has even been summoned by the New York State Bar Association to contribute discourses on divorce and family law matters. If you require attorney or representation for a divorce trial or family law matter, you can trust him.


Family Law, Divorce, Criminal Defense, DWI


Address: 111 Broadway # 707, New York, NY 10006
Phone: (212) 235-1382
Website: www.nyc-divorces.com


“I am so pleased by the support that Alex provided last month and could not have wished for a better outcome! He was not only professional and knowledgeable but SO kind during this time of extreme stress. Super appreciate all your help.” – M. V.

The Mandel Law Firm

Steven J. Mandel
Steven J. Mandel – The Mandel Law Firm. Source: Screenshot from www.mandellawfirm.com

Steven J. Mandel, from the rough streets of Brooklyn, he has managed his way into law school as a skillful comedian. In appreciation of his comedic abilities, he was invited to enter the esteemed Friars Club. Steven J. Mandel ascribes his practice serving in front of a public with assisting to make him the victorious trial attorney he is now.

Steven J. Mandel of The Mandel Law Firm explains that both the attorney and an actor must be fully adapted, assured, compelling, appealing, clever, and capable to correlate to viewers, a magistrate, and even a tribunal.


Divorce, Child Support, Child Custody & Visitation, Family Law, Domestic Violence, Gay & Lesbian Family Law


Address: 370 Lexington Ave #505, New York, NY 10017
Phone: (646) 770-3868
Website: www.mandellawfirm.com


“Steve Mandel is an attorney who goes out of his way to provide concise and realistic answers to all questions relating to family law and divorce. He worked with me to execute a separation agreement with my ex-husband in the most expedient way possible. We achieved this without hassle, without creating extra cost, while devising a peaceful agreement.” – Lauri D.