5 Best Distilleries in San Jose 🥇

5 Best Distilleries in San Jose

Below is a list of the top and leading Distilleries in San Jose. To help you find the best Distilleries located near you in San Jose, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

San Jose’s Best Distilleries:

The top rated Distilleries in San Jose are:

  • Essential Spirits Alambic Distilleries – a micro-distillery established in 1996
  • Old World Spirits, LLC – creates handcrafted and authentic craft spirits
  • 10th Street Distillery- produces fine quality whiskies from top notch raw materials
  • Osocalis Distillery- offers rare Alambic brandies from old world techniques
  • South Bay Spirits is the first and foremost craft distillery in San Jose

Essential Spirits Alambic Distilleries

5 Best Distilleries in SJ

Essential Spirits Alambic Distilleries is a micro-distillery established in 1996. It originated as a silicon valley garage project with state of the art Alambic. It produces soft, medium-bodied distilled spirit for everyone to enjoy. Their services include takeaway and helping brands to achieve its maximum potential. They partner with different wineries in the creation of ports and grappas. Their craft wines and distilled spirits are well made and hits the right spots. It is deliciously made for celebrations and simple gatherings. Their award-winning spirits are made for everyone to enjoy a world-class  drinking experience.


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Address: 144 S Whisman Rd, Mountain View, CA 94041, United States
Phone:  650-962-0546
Website: essentialspirits.com


“We got a tasting tour at this distillery. Dave and Dave are great! They’re knowledgeable, love talking about anything. They are obviously passionate about what they do and always looking for new projects. I love their entrepreneurship as well as their products.  I hope they continue making great stuff!” – Tracy Wang

Old World Spirits, LLC

Distilleries in San Jose

Old World Spirits, LLC creates handcrafted and authentic craft spirits. The craft distillery is managed by a Croatian family. The equipment are designed and innovated by the owners themselves. They are a 2 time World Gin Gold Winner with their prized spirits. It is a global US spirit ambassador bringing California in their creations. They distribute worldwide to their satisfied customers. Retailers and local bars have their products in stock. Their Blade Gin and Rusty Blade Gin is known for its luxurious taste fir for the world stage. They offer tastings to their distillery visitors.


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Address: 121 Industrial Rd #3, Belmont, CA 94002, United States
Phone: 650-485-1009
Website: oldworldspirits.com


“Had some really good drinks and the food was tasty. The down side is walking up to the bar to order. But luckily it’s small and intimate. The lighting is dark and romantic for a Saturday night date.” – Eviel Saacson

10th Street Distillery

5 Best Distilleries

10th Street Distillery produces fine quality whiskies from top notch raw materials. As it is run by engineers, they believe that innovations is continuous. They continue to improve their multi awarded craft wines. They use the traditional ways of making whiskey in America. Single Malts are their prized craft whiskeys. Every detail is checked and observed to make a product of precision. They also create new products for wine enthusiasts to try. Their whiskey’s subtle taste make their customers crave for more.


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Address: 2131 S 10th St, San Jose, CA 95112, United States
Phone: 408-458-5163
Website: 10thstreetdistillery.com/home


“Wonderful to have this distillery in San Jose! High quality whiskeys and single malts. I’m returning soon to stock up!” – Brad Stone

Osocalis Distillery

Best Distilleries in San Jose

Osocalis Distillery offers rare Alambic brandies from old world techniques. They innovated its taste to create a unique flavor. It is a small distillery that uses small antique alambic Charentais stills. They process grapes and apples to brandies. They aim to create products that exudes finesse and elegance of the Old World brandies. The unique taste of differentiated fruit intensity makes their products different. The team is led by experts in the brandy production. With great experience, they continue to serve perfectly made brandies worldwide.


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Address: 5579 Soquel San Jose Rd, Soquel, CA 95073, United States
Phone: 831-477-1718
Website: osocalis.com


“Oh my gosh. Smooth as glass. Love this brandy and want to try more of their offerings.” – Roger Nolan

South Bay Spirits

5 Distilleries in San Jose

South Bay Spirits is the first and foremost craft distillery in San Jose. It produces premium spirits from vodka to whiskey. Their spirits are hand-crafted in small small batches. The dedication and passion of the distillery is evident in their fine spirits. They have a professional team with years of experience to develop different products. Their distillery offers a great selection of spirits for every palate. They have a full entertainment room for their customers to enjoy with their products.


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Address: 695 Quinn Ave Unit 2, San Jose, CA 95112, United States
Phone: 408-620-4020
Website: southbayspirits.com/#story


“I am loving the smooth taste of their products. I would definitely come back to refill my collection” – Leila Green