Discovering SugaCards Metal Bank Cards: My Customer’s Experience With This Company


It is very interesting to explore new trends. Just a month ago, you didn’t even hear about this or that trending product, music, or even food. Yet suddenly it turns out that this very trend is on everyone’s lips. Last year, metal bank cards became one of such trends that did not go unnoticed by me. These stylish thingies with engraving, unusual design, and sometimes, even with a personal logo of the owner, suddenly appeared in the wallets of many of my acquaintances. Especially in those who are associated with business and social life. It turns out that the trend for metal bank cards instead of plastic ones is no longer new, but before that, it was the prerogative of the exceptionally rich and famous. And recently, the trend has won the hearts and upper-middle-class (to which I, in fact, belong).

So, this was the background, and now let’s move on to the review itself. I decided to keep up with my friends and ordered a custom metal bank card from SugaCards. For two weeks now, I have been opening my wallet, not only to pull out a couple of bucks but also simply to take a look at the grace and aesthetics of my new bank card. Or, to be precise, the grace and aesthetics of my old debit card, housed in a new metal case. Let me tell you now about everything in order.

The Reason Why I’ve Chosen SugaCards

First of all, why have I chosen SugaCards? Honestly, I was a bit intrigued by the company’s name. It was kinda tricky but also attractive. Besides, I’ve inquired some info about the company and read several customers’ reviews to be sure that these guys are not scammers. One more thing I was amazed by were their social networks accounts. The SugaCards team updates its Instagram and often tricks customers with cute TikTok videos. Besides, I’ve watched several videos from their YouTube channel and read comments. Everything looked like these guys created a real community of metal bank card lovers. There were lots of feedbacks that made honor to the company. When you use your critical thinking, it is reading reviews of clients that you can trust more than official info. Yet, there was no negative at all.

So I took my path to the SugaCards website to order a metal debit card for me.

Standard Designs vs Custom Metal Card Design

The company has two main options for clients. The first is the use of ready-made designs of metal payment cards. The second is the development of a custom design according to the wishes of the client. The first option is pretty good. The site contains 15+ design options. A cryptocurrency trader, a lover of luxury life, a fan of cool cars, and even a fan of anime will find a version of the card for himself here. Besides the design options themselves, you can choose the color of the metal. Take a peek that matt black and rose gold look extremely deluxe, IMHO. By default, the back of the card has SugaCards branding but it can be removed. All in all, it’s fun to play around with the designs and patterns. But I was not looking for easy ways as if you order such a cool accessory, then take everything from life! Therefore, I chose to order a custom design of a metal bank card for myself. And here everything is also as easy as a piece of cake. Let’s select the color of the metal, edit the information to be placed on the card’s front, add text and logo if desired (you can download it as a vector image in good resolution), and bingo! Go to the shopping cart and place your order as in any online store. And then all I have to do is send my current card to the company by express courier. Don’t worry, I temporarily blocked the card until I got the result of its upgrade. By the way, both managers and specialists coped with the order very quickly. I also liked the FAQ section on the site very much. It contains all the information that is important for people like me. So far, I have tested my card by paying in the POS with a slide. I’ve heard that it is undesirable to insert it into ATM, so I better do not risk it. But who knows, you might have to try it sometime.

Concerning Shipment

As I’ve mentioned before, the company offers really fast shipping. Imagine that from my first visit to the website to the delivery time when I’ve got my metal card right in my hands only a few days passed. Of course, it was a win-win that I’ve placed an order on Monday as I had 5 working days ahead. The manager in SugaCards told that on weekends and holidays, some delays could happen.

Was It Safe to Deal With Suga Cards?

The biggest question all my friends asked me when I was telling them how to order a metal debit/credit card was, is it safe? Now I can confidently answer that it is completely safe. The courier packed my plastic card in a tight bag in front of me, sealed it, and after delivery the manager contacted me. He confirmed receipt, and as soon as the card was ready, he sent me the tracking number of the parcel. Everything was easily tracked. In addition, SugaCards assured me that my plastic card and metal card are both insured for the period of delivery and work with them. By the way, after removing the chip, the plastic card was also returned to me. If necessary, you can use it as a regular magnetic stripe card.


Let me summarize. The card from SugaCards is fully functional. It looks really cool and classy, it fits nicely in the palm. By the way, it is heavier than plastic. I chose a matte black metal card with my company’s logo, and I can say that I have repeatedly gathered admiration for such a cool payment tool from my partners and even competitors. So guys, if you want to get the same or even cooler, do not hesitate, write Suga Cards on social networks. And in general, I recommend subscribing to their Instagram. And while I was writing this review, they published a couple of new designs.