5 Best Digital Experts Who Will Boost Your Business

5 Best Digital Experts Who Will Boost Your Business

Taking advantage of digital strategies is crucial for businesses in the current time. There are a range of steps you can take to boost your business and generate more sales. Digital experts are available to assist you in doing this and can help you implement strategies that work. Here are our top 5.

#1 Olivia JenkinsA digital expert looking at a laptop writing in a notebook to boost digital business.

Olivia Jenkins is known as the CEO’s secret weapon. She is an expert digital marketer specializing in eCommerce and is renowned for her skills in developing an extensive strategy suited to your specific business. Olivia believes in working closely with you to understand your business and its needs and develops a plan accordingly. Every business is different and Olivia will curate a unique program that will help increase your traffic and generate more sales for your business. If you feel that your business has been stagnating, Olivia Jenkins can help get you back on track.

#2 Faith StoreyA digital strategist sitting on a couch with a laptop to boost a business.

Faith Storey is a digital marketing expert who specializes specifically in helping SaaS (Software as a Service) businesses improve their operations. Faith utilizes her expertise from working at various SaaS companies to develop methods of advertising that work for your business. Her tailored approach to working with you will ensure that you find the method that suits your company best. Faith is passionate about what she does and continues to help her clients achieve success.

#3 Melanie BalkeDigital expert sitting with a man using a laptop to boost business.

Melanie Balke has extensive experience working with businesses in a variety of industries including automotive, beauty & skincare, fashion & retail, real estate, healthcare, SASS, electronics, and more. She is an expert in creating marketing strategies that help businesses beat their competition and emerge on top. Melanie also hosts her own YouTube show Marketing Minutes to provide advice to anyone looking to improve their approach to marketing and better understand what makes it effective.

#4 Victoria BoydA digital expert sitting opposite a client with a laptop between them to build a business strategy.

Victoria Boyd is a marketing strategist and DM sales coach. She assists CEOs from a range of industries understand the steps they need to be taking to grow their business faster and more effectively. Her mission is to help you make money and she has developed a range of unique strategies to help you do so. Victoria utilizes the power of social media to attract sales for her clients and boost their businesses.

#5 Pam MooreA digital strategist typing on a laptop to boost a business.

Pam Moore has over 25 years of experience in digital marketing. She uses the knowledge that she has gained from leading the marketing teams of some of the world’s top brands to help businesses from all industries grow. Pam is a Forbes Top 10 Social Media Influencer, international keynote speaker, best-selling author, and even hosts her own podcast Social Zoom Factor. She is one of the best in the business when it comes to developing a digital marketing strategy.