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5 top designer swimwear brands

When summertime hits, there’s nothing quite like enjoying the outdoors – and looking your best while you do it! You no doubt have a favorite piece of swimwear you think shows off your best curves, but have you considered that it’s time to upgrade to something new?

Perhaps you might find a new bikini or one-piece suit that absolutely screams your name and is going to be the piece that sets the tone of your summer adventures.

The following will take a look at some of the top designer swimwear brands in 2020 that you should keep an eye on so you can find the perfect item.

The top 5 swimwear brands in the United States

Here are the best designer swimwear brands in the US:

  1. Myra Swim
  2. Sidway
  3. Becca
  4. Hermoza
  5. Kisuii

#1. Myra Swim

Myraswim designer swimwear

Started in Australia in 2013, Myra Swim embodies the marriage of style and function, creating some of the most stunning minimalist designs. No matter what your body type, height, or styling preferences are, Myra Swim more than likely carries a swimsuit that perfectly encapsulates the aesthetic you want to achieve.

Myra Swim is definitely a combination of vintage and minimalist design, with a clear bend towards 1980’s and 1990’s aesthetics. These designs give a classical appeal to the sleek silhouettes of modern women.

While Myra Swim’s products are on the higher end of the price spectrum, you really get what you pay for when it comes to the quality and longevity of each piece. Buying a swimsuit from Myra Swim means you’ll get something that is of a high quality but is minimalist enough that it won’t ever go out of style.

#2. Sidway

designer swimwear

Sidway’s tagline is ‘Swimwear for the Modern Babe’ and it’s clear to see that the brand has a 1990’s inspiration behind the designs it features. In fact, their website outright states that they are inspired by 90’s supermodels. Some of the more colorful patterns look like they were taken straight from the Cosby show, and they would definitely make anyone who wore them stand out from the crowd.

Their products are made in a high-quality jersey knit that has a high degree of spandex content, allowing it to mold to and sculpt to your body shape when you wear them. Their hems are filled with genuine rubber that isn’t going to slacken over time either. All products have clean, finished seams – none of that helenca lining!

The brand’s founder and head design specialist, Sarah Sidway Godshaw, has an impressive track record with creating defining swimwear products, having worked at major brands like Puma, Bikini Lab and Show Me Your Mumu to name a few. As you can see on her website, Sarah is unafraid to model her own designs!

#3. Becca

best designer swimwear

Becca is a mid-tier designer swimwear brand that you can find displayed in department stores like Nordstrum. It has a super wide range of products to suit the comfort and coverage that different women prefer.

Founded by California native Rebecca Virtue, Becca is a brand that’s well-steeped in the glamourous, Hollywood-style aesthetic that everyone can instantly recognize. There’s an abundance of vintage-inspired styles, with some collections very reminiscent of different cultural movements of the 20th century (for example the East Village collection is very 1960’s with its washed-out rainbow stripe pattern).

Some of the designs here are absolutely gorgeous and makes you wonder why more celebrities and influencers haven’t discovered Becca yet. Any woman who wanted to stun her Instagram followers need only purchase one of the designs from Becca.

#4. Hermoza

designer swimwear usa

Hermoza is a women’s swimwear brand that is focused on creating modest swimwear that look great and is something that women would want to wear, rather than settle on because of a self-esteem issue regarding body exposure. The brand goes out of its way to say that one-piece suits are just as valid and flattering as a bikini, and are more than just the ‘granny’ option for women who might be less comfortable exposing themselves.

The homepage of their website even has a handy graphic that outlines what each of the average body shapes for women are (pear, apple, hourglass etc). Hermoza has a style and fit for every single female body type, ensuring that nobody is ever excluded when browsing their storefront.

The brand started with founders Marisa De Lecce and Tiffany Rivers complaining that there were so few one-piece options for adult women who still wanted to feel attractive without being too revealing – most one-piece options were either marketed to elderly women and children, which was a sad statement in itself. Hermoza gives women who don’t want to show heaps of skin to have swimwear that feels modern and stylish, not like something repurposed for a shy person.

#5. Kisuii

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Kisuii is a swimwear brand that’s ideal for women with small busts/athletic or petite body types who can still look incredible in a bikini even without as many curves. The brand is very much designed around travelling women who want something that looks great, but they can rely on time after time in-between their resort visits.

The brand uses high quality embroideries and smocking techniques which includes use of silks and laces all made with natural yarns. The incredibly high quality of each product justifies the price tag and assures you that any piece you get from Kisuii is going to be a lifelong partner.

Founder Leora Elituv is passionate about fashion and travel, which explains the core of her brand’s identity. With training in marketing and entrepreneurship, Leora worked on design with brands in both New York and Los Angeles before founding her lovechild, Kisuii.

There you have it, 5 of the top designer swimwear brands right now.