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Delia Keane is helping people around the world discover how to lead more mindful and conscious lives

Delia Keane is a multi-talented healer, life coach, writer, motivational speaker and mother based in Dublin, Ireland. She is the founder of The Institute of Vibrational Resonance (TIOVR), and she has obtained advanced degrees in Kinesiology and Metaphysics.

With her education and experience, Delia is committed to helping as many people as she can. She writes books, gives guidance via life coaching, and performs motivational speaking to those seeking to empower themselves to live a better life.

Through her work at TIOVR, Delia creates a network of transformation that supports an increasingly conscious global community. Via the network, people are educated, inspired, and empowered both on an individual level and at a community level so that everyone can live mindfully and enable the evolution of a collective consciousness.

TIOVR offers educational videos, digital courses, and original documentaries that assist anyone who wants to live a more conscious and mindful life. With a vast library of content for people to benefit from, TIOVR is a powerful resource for those seeking to dive deep into topics surrounding alternative healing practices.

As a life coach, Delia works with both individuals and groups to help them achieve the guidance they need in life. In her public speaking engagements, Delia delivers seminars, webinars, talks and lectures, and even corporate training, that helps anyone reach their greatest potential.

Delia has published 3 books; The Art of Programming Your Subconscious: An Active Approach To Drawing Your Life, The Sorceress: The Power of Quantum Healing, and Let’s Get Baked. Let’s Get Baked helped to establish Delia as Ireland’s de facto Queen of Pot, and it contains many recipes for food and drink using cannabis.

Delia has an intrinsic charm that bleeds through all of her work and makes her both persuasive as a writer and inspiring as a speaker/life coach. Her holistic approach to healing the human body and mind is what makes her so effective and impactful in people’s lives, and there’s no doubt that her approach will be echoed by future healers that she inspires.