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Daniel Nwosu Created CloudElite – a Training Program for Budding Cloud Engineers

Training programs are unfortunately scarce in the field of cloud computing. Daniel Nwosu is one person who experienced this lack of available programs. When he decided to pursue his career in IT he found it difficult to know where to go for training that would help him to secure a job. Although he eventually did find a program through which he became qualified, he decided to dedicate his career to training others and offering accessible solutions to becoming a certified cloud engineer.


CloudElite is the training program that Daniel Nwosu devised to offer certifications in a range of IT fields. He has built a team of dedicated and experienced teachers who are passionate about helping people everywhere achieve their career goals. The services they offer includes hands-on training, mock interviews, Linked-In optimization, a hand-crafted resume, and more. This, paired with the essential knowledge needed for cloud computing, properly prepares students to enter the industry and guarantees them a successful career.

At CloudElite, the quality of teaching is exemplary and has made them one of the most sought after training programs in the world. Approximately 90% of students who undertake the program pass their certification on their first try. On top of this, approximately 80% of students receive job offers upon receiving their certification and completing the training. This success rate has made Daniel Nwosu and his team a renowned group of teachers.

The passion that the team demonstrates for what they do is a large part of their ongoing success. Every one of the teachers has 5+ AWS certifications and is happy to offer their students as much insight as possible into their work as a cloud engineer. The opportunity for students to shadow their teachers’ work is invaluable and is part of what makes CloudElite such a unique training program.

With successful in person classes, virtual classes, and more, CloudElite continues to expand and provide their services to those who need them. Daniel Nwosu has stated that they are dedicated to continuously optimising and developing new ways to help people access their services. They plan to conduct seminars in the near future and will also be expanding from the US to the UK and Canada.

Thanks to Daniel Nwosu and the team, CloudElite has become the number one place for budding cloud engineers to receive both the qualifications and career skills to secure themselves a job in the cloud computing industry.

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