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5 Best Dancewear Shops in New York 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Dancewear Shops in New York. To help you find the best Dance Shops located near you in New York we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

New York’s Best Dancewear Shops:

The top rated Dancewear Shops in New York are:

  • OnStage Dancewear NYC –New York City’s most famous dance store and ballet shop
  • BLOCH Store New York – the ultimate dancewear destination
  • Miller & Ben Tap Shoes – one of the world’s best musical tap instruments
  • Grishko – the foundation of excellence in performance
  • Gaynor Minden – offers dance shoes with expert European craftsmanship

OnStage Dancewear NYC

best dancewear in new york

Onstage Dancewear was established in 1980 and is known to be NYC’s most famous dancewear shop. It offers expertly-designed Pointe Shoe fittings. They take pride in being able to offer the largest selections for dancing shoes and other items for all forms of dancing and performing arts. The business houses the major brands in the game such as Russian Pointe, Angelo Luzio, and WearMoi, to name a few. Your customer satisfaction is their number one goal.

Most orders would only take 1-2 business days to process and leave their warehouse. The actual duration of shipping would depend on your chosen shipping method and check-out time. If you’re in a rush, you may easily contact them.


Pointe Shoe Fittings, Dancing Shoes, Dancewear, Gears


Address: 197 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016
Phone: (212) 725 1174
Website: dancewearnyc.com


“This place is a fun place to shop for dancewear. Very helpful sales staff. Lots of selections too. Happy shopping and keep on dancing!” – Ask Imee

BLOCH Store New York

dancewear supplier in new york

BLOCH puts in their dedication to every piece of dancewear they create. They offer only the best in premium material selection and artisan construction. BLOCH is on top as the ultimate dancewear destination and equips you with the tools and confidence every dancer needs.

The first pair of BLOCH shoes were created in a candlelit workshop in Syndey, back in 1932. Many big Russian names have used BLOCH dancewear shoes, such as Tamara Toumanova, Irina Baranova, and David Linchine. At present, BLOCH has become a leader in the industry, with every product that they masterfully craft.


Dancewear, Dance Shoes, Accessories


Address: 51 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10023
Phone: (347) 983 6759
Website: us.blochworld.com


“This dance supply store is chic, beautifully maintained, and well-stocked. I personally prefer Bloch as a woman of color because they carry the skin color tones shoes for African Americans as other dance stores do not. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. The prices were reasonable for dance supplies.” – Marsha M.

Miller & Ben Tap Shoes

dancewear shops in new york miller and ben

Shoes from Miller and & Ben Tap shoes are some of the best in the industry. They are cleverly designed and give off an elegant feeling. If you are looking for beautifully hand-crafted tap shoes that are made with high gloss leather and other high-quality materials, this is where you should look. Tap dancers such as Avi Miller and Ofer Ben use shoes from this brand.

Take note that they do not recommend the addition of rubber to their shoes. This is because this will likely throw the shoes off balance. Rubbers are already installed behind the shoe taps, so it’s not advisable to have them removed and replaced. To accommodate dancers who need a big inventory of shoes, you may visit their warehouse.


Address: 322 West 45th Street At Broadway Dance Center, 3rd Floor Shop, NY 10036
Phone: (646) 383 4949
Website: tapemporium.com


“I recently received my Miller and Ben Tap-Jazz Masters and I am in love. They are comfortable and the sound is superb. I have bunions the size of elbows, but Arsenio at the Broadway Dance Center custom fit my feet and made me feel confident that the shoes would be perfect. They are very high-quality shoes, and I can’t feel the taps right through the soles like I could with my old pair which always hurt my feet. They are gorgeous and inspire me to practice longer and work harder on my taps! Thank you, Avi and Ofer!!” – Alicia Cohen


grishko dancewear shops in new york

Grishko pays so much attention to the shoes it creates, down to every detail. They balance each shoe by hand with the use of cotton drawstrings. This is to protect against tendonitis that over-tightened elastic can cause dancers. Glue is utilized to help the toe box mold beautifully to the foot. Also, only the finest satin is used for the best appearance.  Expect dancing shoes that offer perfect balance and outstanding durability.

Precise fitting is highly important in using pointe shoes. You may talk to your local retailer for professional fitting advice. Customers may also have an appointment with Judy Weiss, Grishko’s Master Fitter.


Professional Fittings, Accessories, Dance Shoes


Address: 68th Street and, Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10065
Phone: (917) 262 0783
Website: www.grishko.com


“Wonderful service, the staff is very friendly and Judy is a queen at pointe shoe fitting!” – Eva Audrey

Gaynor Minden

gaynor minden best dancewear in new york

Gaynor Minden‘s Pointe shoes are the best in the business. Their products endure tremendous forces and repeated strains while appearing delicate and elegant. Gaynor Minden offers dancewear that are made with expert European hand-craftmanship. They make use of the latest athletic materials that are the best in the market today.

Gaynor Minden’s last 3 to 6 times longer than your regular pointe shoes. Flexible polymers are used for the parts that support the dancers’ weight. These offer extraordinary resilience and strength. They do not soften with continued use as well. There are five stiffness options to choose from, so make sure you get the right one for you.


Expert Fitting, Pointe Shoes, Accessories


Address: 140 W 16th St #1e, New York, NY 10011
Phone: (212) 929 0087
Website: dancer.com


“I wasn’t planning on buying anything, but they’re so nice and professional that I couldn’t resist. They did a fit for me and I ended up buying a pair of pointe shoes. This is more like a showroom and not a store. They have excellent fitting service. I would not recommend going just to look, the place is so small that there’s nothing to look at. Best if you already know you’re gonna buy or to do a fitting.” – Monica Cholico

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