5 Best Dance Schools in San Jose, CA 🥇

Best Dance Schools in San Jose, CA

Below is a list of the top and leading Dance Schools in San Jose, CA. To help you find the best Dance Schools located near you in San Jose, CA, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

San Jose, CA’s Best Dance Schools:

The top-rated Dance Schools in San Jose, CA are:

  • Purdance – provides high-quality dance education
  • On One Studios – more than 8 years of dance experience and workshops
  • Dancyn Studio – prepares their dancers for their future of success
  • The Get Down – home to freestylers and street dancers alike
  • Sterling Dance Theatre – brings out the qualities that a superb dancer has


Purdance in San Jose, CA

Purdance provides dance education that shares dance experiences with their students. The experiences they have together celebrate the individual growth and creativity of the students. Moreover, this dance school dedicates themselves in bringing high quality and rigorous training to their students. With this, they envision a non-competitive learning environment for their students. Furthermore, they believe that dancing is for everyone and anyone is welcome to their dance community. They always strive to create a healthy dance culture and perspective that is fun and supportive.


Dance education


Address: 1530 Oakland Rd #135, San Jose, CA 95112

Phone: (408) 444 5327

Website: purdance.com


“Great place to learn various dance styles. They have K-pop, hip hop, locking, Jazz, popping, etc. If there’s a dance style you dance, you can probably find a class here for it!” – George C.s

On One Studios

On One Studios in San Jose, CA

On One Studios is a dance studio that hosts dance workshops and brings dance experiences for more than 8 years. They hire dance instructors who are invested in the personal growth of their students. Moreover, they must be experienced in teaching dancing, creating a wonderful relationship between teachers and students in this dance studio. Their dance instructors are compassionate and thoughtful in providing lessons, ensuring that they are a student-first studio. The growth and fulfillment of their students are important to them. Indeed, they are dedicated to sharing the passion, joy, and creativity that comes with dance.


Dance workshops


Address: 422 N Capitol Ave, San Jose, CA 95133

Phone: (669) 241 4398

Website: ononestudios.com


“Awesome place to spend a few hours or a whole Saturday! I was looking for a place to get back into dance and really train in hip-hop. I decided to try my hand at K-pop as well. All of the instructors are fun and personable, and I love the vibe. Can’t wait for my next class!” – Kelly P.

Dancyn Studio

Dancyn Studio in San Jose, CA

Dancyn Studio is a dance studio that prepares their dancers for the goal of their success. During the learning process, they want to ingrain the values of hard work, discipline, and teamwork to their students. They believe that these values can help gain a solid foundation of their excellence in the world of dancing. Furthermore, the classes they offer are for all ages and abilities. They welcome you; either you are only curious, a beginner, or a pro. Sign up for one of their classes that feels perfect for you!


Dance lessons


Address: 5383 Camden Ave, San Jose, CA 95124

Phone: (408) 752 5983

Website: dancynstudio.com


“We love this dance studio. My daughter is loving going. She has better posture, discipline, and grace… most of all confidence. I highly recommend anyone to be a part of this dance community. Very well ran and professional.” – Lisa D.

The Get Down

The Get Down in San Jose, CA

The Get Down is home to dancers that focus on hip hop, funk, afro, and Latin street styles. They believe that dance builds relationships. With this, they provide a safe space for their dance community to socialize and express themselves. Moreover, they encourage and motivate their dancers to build and grow their artistic perspective and expression. The owners of the studio love dancing, and they want to share their passion with everyone. Furthermore, they aim to create a positive impact in the community through dancing. They welcome you to get down with them!


Dance classes and workshops


Address: 198 Jackson St, San Jose, CA 95112

Website: getdowndancestudios.com


“Wonderful community of dancers of all levels. Incredibly friendly and skillful instructors. Good times and super reasonably priced!” – Lynn S.

Sterling Dance Theatre

Sterling Dance Theatre in San Jose, CA

Sterling Dance Theatre has been standing since 1989 in showing the art of dance. They are an all-year-round dance school, emphasizing proper dance techniques. Furthermore, they teach these techniques in a fun and imaginative forum. The atmosphere they bring is one that positively reinforces their students and their goals. No matter what their goals are, they teach them with encouragement and promotion of self-esteem and confidence. Moreover, they are dedicated to developing their students with the qualities of a superb dancer has: strength, technique, energy rhythm, love of dance, innovation, nerve, and grace. This is Sterling.


Dance Theatre, classes


Address: 1337 Redmond Ave, San Jose, CA 95120

Phone: (408) 927 9333

Website: sterlingdancetheatre.com


“I grew up in this dance school. It was always a place where I felt loved, accepted, and pushed to be my very best. My formation at Sterling left me with invaluable knowledge of dance and impressed upon me important life skills such as discipline, perseverance, and creativity. Sterling cultivated in me a love for dance in my childhood and adolescence which will undoubtedly stay with me throughout my life.” – Amy L.