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5 Best Dance in Indianapolis, IN

Below is a list of the top and leading Dance in Indianapolis, IN. To help you find the best Dance located near you in Indianapolis, IN, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Indianapolis, IN’s Best Dance:

The top-rated Dance in Indianapolis, IN are:

  • Indy Dance Academy – feel the energy at Indy Dance Academy!
  • DanceWorks Indy – helping adults stay active and healthy through dance.
  • Five Star Dance Studios – Indy’s premier ballroom dance studio for singles, couples, and weddings.
  • The Dance Refinery – celebrating 45 years of refining students’ artistic talents.
  • Tippy Toes School of Dance – the premier studio specializing in preschool dance.

Indy Dance Academy

5 Best Dance in Indianapolis, IN

Indy Dance Academy is a dance studio in Indianapolis that is focused on providing students top-tier dance education in a safe and judgment-free environment. The dance studio focuses on helping the youth not only get their feet wet on the arts but build their confidence in the process. Indy Dance Academy caters to students from 9 months old to adult students. They have a variety of programs for both age-related demographics and skill-level. Their instructors are some of the most talented and sympathetic dancers in the state, who will help you or your child achieve their goal of becoming a confident dancer. If you are planning to learn how to dance, or your child develops their skills and talent for the performing arts, Indy Dance Academy is the perfect place to cultivate them.

Dance classes, studio rentals

Address: 9401 N Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46260
Phone: (317) 218-3694
Website: indydanceacademy.com

Absolutely love it here! My daughter has been dancing at IDA since she was 5. She started with their recreational classes and is now starting her 3rd season on the company. – Kim Lassere

DanceWorks Indy

The Best Dance in Indianapolis, IN

DanceWorks Indy is one of the newer dance studios in Indy only being open for 2 years. This dance studio offers dance and fitness lessons to both adults and kids. DanceWorks Indy is a pioneer for having dance programs that cater to everyone and for every body type. Their dance and fitness instructors are very passionate about sharing this performing art with as many Indy residents as possible. Since opening in 2019, DanceWorks has already grown to become one of Indy’s prime destinations if you want to start getting fit while having fun. If you are looking for a warm, welcoming, and judgment-free atmosphere while getting fit, DanceWorks Indy is the perfect spot for you.

Dance classes, online classes, private lessons, hip-hop, tap dancing

Address: 537 E Ohio St. Suite 100 Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: (317) 602-4986
Website: danceworksindy.com

The staff is amazing and welcoming each time I’ve been. All the classes I’ve taken so far have been so much fun and push me in a different way. They have classes for everyone and just about every genre of dance! – Jacob Drummer

Five Star Dance Studios

Best Dance in Indianapolis, IN

Five Star Dance Studios is the premier ballroom dancing studio for those who want to learn the art of ballroom dancing in Indy. They are committed to offering the best possible dance education for everyone who is interested. Five Star Dance Studios has almost 50 years of experience in providing some of the best dance education in Indiana. Their dance instructors are among the best and most talented ballroom dancers in the country and are very passionate about teaching students the art of ballroom dancing. Whether you are single, or on a date with your significant other, Five Star Dance Studio’s doors are open to everyone so that they can experience the best ballroom dancing available in Indiana.

Ballroom dancing, programs, events

Address: 8902 South Saint Peter Street Indianapolis, IN 46227
Phone: (317) 881-7762
Website: fivestardancestudios.com

My date and I were there for a free class. The instructor we had was very personable and showed us a lot (4 basic ballroom moves) in the hour we were there. It was great! – Reed Hartman

The Dance Refinery

Indianapolis, IN Best Dance

The Dance Refinery is one of the more tenured dance studios in Indianapolis that offers other activities. Being the largest dance studio in Indiana, The Dance Refinery holds on to a higher standard when it comes to teaching students. The Dance Refinery has a wide range of programs for dance, gymnastics, acting, and voice. Their instructors are very eager to teach students no matter the age or experience so that they can not only learn the performing arts but become confident performers in the future. If you are looking for a dance studio in Indy that is reliable, trustworthy, and will deliver, The Dance Refinery should definitely be on the top of your list.

Dance, gymnastics, gladiators, acting, voice

Address: 8335 Shelby St Indianapolis, IN 46227
Phone: (317) 881-1905
Website: thedancerefinery.com

Fantastic teachers, coaches, and staff. We love the all-boys program… my son can do what he loves and be surrounded by other boys who enjoy dance, too! Kevin, Efren, and Peter are wonderful and have done so much for my son’s confidence. The investment at TDR has been worth every penny! – Kendell Lett

Tippy Toes School of Dance

Indianapolis, IN's Best Dance

Tippy Toes School of Dance is a premier dance studio that specializes in teaching dance for pre-schoolers. The dance studio welcomes kids aged 15 months and up to learn the joys of the performing arts through dance. Tippy Toes School of Dance is known for making beginnings special for their students and are known for their kind and talented dance instructors. This darling little dance studio has a team of experienced dancers that will instruct your children as passionately and empathically as possible so that the kids don’t only enjoy and learn the art of dancing, but grow their confidence as well.

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Address: 5135 Commerce Square Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46237
Phone: (317) 881-7425
Website: tippytoesschoolofdance.com

Just went to a dance show and was really impressed about what the children all could do loved the tap routines they were awesome and they finally included all the children such a great show. More kids need to be in these types of after-school activities. – Sharon Yanasak