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5 Best Customer SMS Apps for Businesses

The opportunity to reach your customers via text message has become something that many businesses are looking to take advantage of. These are our top 5 apps providing this service and allowing businesses to improve their communications with their customers.

#1 WikiProA young couple smiling at a phone as they use a business SMS app WikiPro.

WikiPro are at the forefront of enabling text message interactions between customers and businesses. For attracting customers, increasing their satisfaction with your business and doing so efficiently, WikiPro is the solution that you have been searching for. While providing a channel to communicate with customers is an essential feature, it simultaneously provides a streamline and effective method of completing other essential tasks such requesting customer reviews or requesting invoice payments. The service allows your business to operate smoothly, also utilizing a shared inbox to ensure that your entire team can collaborate on these communications. To gain attention as a business and create a better presence for yourself that customers will value, the SMS services of WikiPro can help.

#2 TextMagicThree women smiling at a phone as they use it to SMS a business.

TextMagic is a service that allows your business to send bulk notifications, alerts, reminders, confirmations and SMS marketing campaigns to your customers. Acknowledging that mobile phone usage is one of the most important and fastest growing trends of recent times, TextMagic provide an easy way of communicating with customers via their phones. With a free trial available and a pay as you go method for delivering their service, TextMagic is a simple solution for businesses looking to effectively increase their reach and optimize their customer relations.

#3 SimpleTextingA woman sitting on a park bench smiling at her phone and the SMS texts she gets from a business app.

For one on one communication with customers or for mass SMS marketing campaigns, SimpleTexting can provide your business with solutions. With a range of ways to use SMS for improving your business, including reaching more people, announcing sales, tracking results and more, SimpleTexting have the features that your business needs. Get started using your existing contact list and quickly build upon it using the innovative text-for-info features. Utilize the well-rounded services to increase your competitive edge.

#4 EZ TextingA woman sitting on a rug with her phone in her hand. A business has texted her using an SMS app.

EZ Texting wholeheartedly believe in the effectiveness of SMS marketing and aim to help your business utilize it effectively. They are aware that any business’ customers are spending large amounts of time on their mobile phones and are helping businesses take advantage of this in order to communicate with them better and improve their reputation. A self-serve platform with flexible pricing options, EZ Texting has helped many businesses utilize SMS marketing and boost their engagement.

#5 TwilioA man walking on the street looking at the business SMS he has received on his phone.

Twilio provide a range of solutions for optimizing your business, including SMS services. They aim to strengthen your business’ customer relationships by uniting communications, whether they’re marketing, sales or customer service related. With the ability to personalize your messages to reflect your business, Twilio is one of the most flexible SMS marketing platforms. Some of their solutions include chatbots, custom account notifications, a programmable cloud-based call center and much more. For taking full advantage of the digital solutions that are available to your business, Twilio can provide well-rounded and effective strategies.

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