5 Best Currency Exchange Platforms

Best Currency Exchange Platforms

Currency exchange has always been a popular form of trading, as the foreign exchange (forex) market is a lucrative one which is everchanging, almost guaranteeing some forms of returns, as well as losses.

The forex market can often be complicated to the outsider, and it is always good to have a platform which will allow you to navigate the market easily. There are many platforms out there which have taken advantage of the huge demand for currency exchange, and as such it can be difficult to choose one for you to use primarily.

There are definitely some qualities you want to look out for in a currency exchange platform, and if you do not know which one to use or even where to start, here are the 5 best currency exchange platforms.

Top Rated Currency Exchange Platforms:

Trade Naira


Website: tradenaira.com

Trade Naira offers a platform with over 14,000 members trading on it. It is a peer to peer matching platform which offers mid market rates, and you are matched with people based on their dynamic matching technology. The platform acts as a social network with trading, and it is very beneficial to any new traders who want to get into the game.

Forex Trading Platforms

Forex Trading Platforms

Website: www.forex.com

Forex provides you with trading platforms which have advanced capabilities, making navigation through the market easier than ever. These platforms are designed to meet the standards of active traders, and you are able to customize the layouts and trade preferences on these platforms.



Website: www1.oanda.com

Oanda is a trading platform within currency exchange which comes with a number of analytical tools which will help you to stay ahead of the curve on the market. You are able to trade from your computer and/or mobile phone, and it is easily accessible from anytime and anywhere. Well worth a look into.



Website: www.metatrader4.com

Metatrader is a platform for trading forex, as well as analyzing financial markets and features other built in features which make it a very desirable trading platform. Millions of traders worldwide use Metatrader in order to trade currencies on the market, and you can join them too.




IG offers many benefits with its use including high liquidity, wide range of foreign exchange pairs, regular opportunities and 24 hour trading. These are all the benefits you could ever want from a foreign exchange trading platform, and IG delivers on these benefits for all the traders using their platform.

These are the 5 best currency exchange platforms available on the market, based on this rating points list.

Each of these is a great choice for the aspiring foreign exchange trader, and as such each of them should be considered before making a decision.