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5 Best Computer Stores in San Jose, California

Everybody needs a computer these days, whether you need one to work from home or for you online schooling. A list of the best Computer Stores in San Jose, California is written below. To help you find the best Computer Stores suitable for you, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

San Jose’s Best Computer Stores:

The best Computer Stores in San Jose are:

  • Best Buy – the name that is synonymous for consumer electronics
  • ST Customs – their specialty revolves around custom build PCs
  • MacBlowouts – they focus on buying, selling, trading and repairing Apple products
  • Recurrent Technologies – they buy, sell, repair and maintain refurbished I.T. Equipment
  • Applied Computer Online Services – a B2B company that distributes I.T. Equipment

Best Buy San Jose

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Whenever you need any electronics in your life then you know the name “Best Buy”. Best Buy started in 1966 and became a multinational consumer electronics retailer later on. They operate any where in United States, also in Canada and Mexico too. Basically, the company is a household name. As an electronic store, any of their stores contains a vast selection of computer, laptops, tablets and peripherals that will suit any types, style and budget. Best Buy has almost 1000 stores domestically and internationally. And in San Jose, California, there are 3 stores you can choose from.


Consumer Electronics, Home and Office Appliances, Cellphones, Handheld Devices, Peripherals, Game Consoles and Toys, Personal and Security Cameras, Health Technology


Address 1: 181 Curtner Ave, San Jose, CA 95125
Phone 1: (408) 297 0701
Address 2: 3090 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose, CA 95128
Phone 2: (408) 241 6040
Address 3: 5065 Almaden Expy, San Jose, CA 95118
Phone 3: (408) 979 1591


“The best place to buy any latest electronics. You can buy all your latest electronic products from any Best Buy stores. There is option for online ordering with store pick up. The latest gadgets are available in all Best Buy stores and there is return policy for 15-30 days depending upon the products categories. The prices are very competitive and lowest prices compared with any other retailers. There is options to buy the installation or repairs and maintenance of your products, it’s called as Geek Services. Customer need to buy the Geek services so that Bestbuy team will take care of the products. All latest electronics products are available across all Best Buy stores. The small components are not available in the stores. It’s predominantly Televisions, Audio, latest laptops and accessories. Also most of latest gadgets and gaming products.” – Banu G.S.

ST Customs

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If you are into gaming, then you know what a custom built PC is. A custom built PC mainly focuses on the CPU (Central Processing Unit), inside and outside. Gamers usually want their PCs in RGB color setting, with powerful fans or water cooling system to cool things down. Or choose the best PC hardware specification that they wanted, just to get that fast, smooth, lag-free gaming experience. Encased in an awesome, glowing, shiny case to make any gamer prouder while playing their game. ST Customs will be your hero. Though, gaming PCs aren’t the only thing they make. They already created PCs for the streamer, for the workaholics, and many more. Moreover, the place do repairs on PCs and mobile phones.

Though, they value privacy on their address and phone number. In fact, they never posted their location in any social media account or website. Though, we do guarantee that the place is located in San Jose. However, they want you to contact them first on their social media or website for their services. For, they do a first come, first serve basis. In addition, they do meet-ups, pick-up and shipping on the services you have ask them to do.


Custom Built Personal Computer, Personalized Computers, PC and Mobile Repair


Address: San Jose, CA 95111
Email Address: [email protected]


“A close friend of mine personally recommended me to ST Customs and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed. While browsing around Mr. Tan personally reached out to me and asked me detailed questions about what my future intent is with a gaming pc, my spending limits, and what my price range is. He then made a compiled list and showed me what parts/builds he suggested to me and was patient with my level of computer knowledge. Within, a week and a half I was able to pick up my future PC and I am loving it immensely. To Mr. Tan, Thank you for the amazing work you did and I will definitely be recommending your services to many more people!” – Bijan Mehdiyoun


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MacBlowouts pride in selling Apple Products at blowout prices. And their specialty, of course, should be electronics with an Apple Logo in it. If you are looking for someone that buys, sells, do trade-ins and repair any MacBooks, iPads, iPhones and iMacs, then this place is definitely for you. Definitely do check out their website for Apple Products that are available on their shop or chat with them for concerns about your faulty Apple products. In addition, if you do plan to visit, a curbside service will be available for you. It is a simple and humble shop with Apple on their minds – pun intended.


Buy, Sell & Trade Apple Products, Apple Products Repair


Address: 6104 Camino Verde Dr #2, San Jose, CA 95119
Phone: (408) 622 0005


“They have a lot of inventory, they are friendly and helpful, and I feel that they sold me a good used laptop at a good price. As a precaution I took the laptop to an Apple Genius Bar and had the Genius run a diagnostic… the diagnostic reported no problems. It was a good buy.

I would go again next time I want some Mac equipment and I give them 5 stars out of 5.” – Steve Hastings

Recurrent Technologies

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It doesn’t necessarily mean that a computer store should be set to personal electronics. There are stores also that buy-in, resell and maintains older kind of computer hardware for business purposes. Obviously, huge equipment, examples include servers and data storage units, thrive any big companies. Thus, Recurrent Technologies excels in giving services to a company’s whole I.T. network system.

“Keeping networks singing in tune since 1996. And giving our clients something to sing about too!”, the motto of Recurrent Technologies. They make assessments on a company’s computer equipment. Whether if it is working fine, in need of repair, or if it definitely needs an upgrade. Usually, upgrading to newer computer network equipment takes a toll on a company’s budget. Thus, Recurrent Technologies maintains the equipment and in turn, extending its lifetime purpose to the company. Indeed, this would make any company budget singing in tunes when their equipment extended their time in the company.


Buy and Sell of any Computer Hardware, Repair and Maintenance Services


Address: 27 Bonaventura Dr, San Jose, CA 95134
Phone: (408) 727 1122


“Huge inventory of refurbished Cisco, Juniper, Dell, Polycom hardware. Great prices, excellent service, and fast shipping. If they don’t have something you need in stock they can generally source it quickly. I would highly recommend calling Recurrent if you’re looking to save on quality refurbished network gear.” – David Jones

Applied Computer Online Services

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Applied Computer Online Services focuses on providing I.T. equipment for business companies. They label themselves as a B2B company, meaning their business only sell to another business company. Thus, expected that the orders will be in bulk. They claim to be the World’s Largest Online Computer Store, serving customers with over 800,000 computer products and has been doing their business since 1985. They also ship internationally as they carry $2.8 billion worth of physically verified stock ready to ship worldwide.


I.T. Equipment Distributor, International and Local Shipping


Address: 2901 Moorpark Ave Suite 100, San Jose, CA 95128
Phone: (408) 248 8811


“Applied Computer is a great company to deal with. They communicate every detail of my order, and I am very impressed with their excellent customer service.” – ubayjosh

“Ordered an Epson video projector. It arrived the next day brand new in the box. I was very impressed and pleased with my order.” – jimmash