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5 Best Computer Stores in Chicago 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Computer Stores in Chicago. To help you find the best Computer Stores located near you in Chicago, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Chicago’s Best Computer Stores:

The top rated Computer Stores in Chicago are:

  • Agility Computer Network Services, Inc. – a full-service computer and network company
  • Computer Zone USA – a one-stop computer shop in the local community
  • Tech Shield Computer Repair – offers web design services and computer products at affordable prices
  • Comset Computers – features computer repair services and computer accessories
  • Chicago Computer Club in Beverly Hills – offers services that make home users and small businesses stay connected

Agility Computer Network Services, Inc. 

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Agility Computer Network Services, Inc. is a full-service computer and network company. They have numerous services for various needs of individuals and businesses. Their staff is experts in the field of IT and computer systems. They gave IT consultation services with comprehensive solutions. Moreover, they follow a systematic approach in tasks and projects. This helps them establish long term partnerships with clients. They also use the latest and most advanced tools. This helps them be on par with the fast development of the computer industry. Some of the services they offer are managed services, cloud migration, and IT security.


computer store, IT consultancy


Address: 211 W Wacker Dr 5th Floor, Chicago, IL 60606
Phone:  (877)-244-5489
Website: agilitynetworks.com


“Our clients were always pleased with Agility Networks for their managed service needs and IT audits – they even do pen testing.” – Craig Andrew Smith

Computer Zone USA

5 Best Computer Stores in Chicago2

Computer Zone USA is a one-stop computer shop in the local community. They have wide inventories of computer products. The shop makes sure that they have products that may fit any budget. Moreover, great deals on computer parts are also available. They have quick services like hardware repair and virus removal. Their licensed technicians have skills in effective data restoration and back-up. They also provide recommendations on taking care of the computer better. Their services are quick and make the product ready for pick-up on the same day. In addition, they specialize in surveillance cameras and a digital video recorder. They install and repair these security systems.


computer store, surveillance camera


Address: 1134 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60657
Phone: (773)-697-9766
Website: computerzoneusa.com


“He gave me very quick and very helpful service extremely quickly. I walked in, told him the problem and he helped me fix it while also assuring me I was getting a great deal. Amazing service. Would recommend to every friend.” – Quentin Deppe

Tech Shield Computer Repair

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Tech Shield Computer Repair offers web design services and computer products at affordable prices. They have a friendly staff that repairs computer products quickly. The technicians use tools and equipment fitting for the product. They are also skilled in repairing it to avoid further damages in the future. Moreover, they have laptop repair services with IT professionals. They fix the software and hardware components of the laptop. Furthermore, they provide heightened security to the computer. Their software help avoids viruses and hacking. They also remove computer viruses without affecting the data on the computer.


computer store, IT, repair and maintenance


Address: 3510 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60657
Phone: (773)-281-4900
Website: techshield.us


“The best place for Mac repair, I’ve been going thr for almost 4 years and never had a issue with a repair. The owner is an very knowledgeable and fair guy.. if you have any issue you won’t be sorry.” – Faiz Khaja

Comset Computers

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Comset Computers features computer repair services and computer accessories. Their inventory contains quality products for improvement in the computer’s performance. They also provide great deals for repairs and upgrades. Moreover, they have constantly delivered great customer service for 20 years. The shop provides a complete computer set with warranties. They also perform routine repair and maintenance. Furthermore, they provide support to various businesses. Their skilled technicians quickly assess and fix the problem encountered. They also specialize in malware detection and removal. In addition, they ensure that their networks are safe and reliable.


computer store, web services, home and business services


Address: 5732 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60646
Phone:  (773)-594-9807
Website:  comsetcomputers.com


“I highly recommend Comset Computers for all your on-site or in-store computing needs. Peter is knowledgeable, honest, does excellent work, and his prices are reasonable.” – Joy Michaels

Chicago Computer Club in Beverly Hils

5 Best Computer Stores in Chicago5

Chicago Computer Club in Beverly Hills offers services that make home users and small businesses stay connected. They have superior services delivered by licensed technicians. Their technical support and remote virus removal are available 24/7. They make sure that their customers feel safe in using their computer products. Furthermore, their services include computer repair, computer sales, and IT support. They have new and pre-owned models from top brands. They carry Apple, Asus, and Dell products. There are monitors, printers, and keyboards available. In addition, they have fast services for repairs. Their 6 locations across the area provide convenience to their customers.


computer store, computer repair, IT support


Address: 2039 W 95th St, Chicago, IL 60643
Phone: (773)-239-1818
Website: cccc.us


“This particular store has always been great they’ve always fix my computers and I had no problems with them after good job Chicago computer.” – Bernard Granderson