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5 Best Computer Repair in Belmont Cragin, IL

Below is a list of the top and leading Computer Repair in Belmont Cragin. To help you find the best Computer Repair located near you in Belmont Cragin, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Belmont Cragin’s Best Computer Repair: 

The top-rated Computer Repair in Belmont Cragin, IL are:

  • ConexionCafe – ideal place to meet various cyber-related needs
  • Cell N Comp Repairs – trusted and professional repair center
  • Computer One Chicago – dedicated to providing comprehensive gadget and computer solutions
  • MyCrazyMachine – trusted name in the tech industry
  • ONCALLERS | Improvements, Repairs, Technology – has been a trusted partner for both residential and business clients


Amazing Computer Repair in Belmont Cragin

ConexionCafe is the ideal place to meet various cyber-related needs. They offer a one-stop solution for a variety of cyber-related needs. With a distinctive and welcoming atmosphere, visitors can enjoy comfort. Moreover, this is a convenient hub for various needs due to the wide array of services it offers. They are filled with a team of experts that specialize in cyber-related needs. This is the ideal spot to fulfill their clients’ cyber needs.

This shop is not only limited to computer repairs. This shop is also a cyber cafe and a bill payment center. Their phone services include battery and camera replacement. They also offer charging port and screen repairs.

Products/ Services:

repair center, cyber cafe, full payment center


Address: 5100 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL
Phone: (773) 362-1233
Website: conexioncafe.com


”Very supportive to my lack of knowledge with cell phone. Reasonable prices warm and comfortable safe environment. I love all the plants they provide good air flow.” – Migna Rodriguez

Cell N Comp Repairs

Professional Computer Repair in Belmont Cragin

Cell N Comp Repairs is a trusted and professional repair center. Moreover, they have a remarkable track record of fixing gadgets for over nine years. Also, they are committed to delivering top-notch repairs for leading cell phone brands. They also maintain a substantial inventory of manufacturer-specific parts. Furthermore, they are focused on giving the best customer service. They are dedicated to keeping devices in optimal working condition.

They offer a wide array of services such as mobile phone repairs. They extend their expertise to computers, game consoles, and tablet devices. They also offer watch repairs for various major brands.

Products/ Services:

electronics repairs, watch repairs


Address: 3416 W Diversey Ave, Chicago, IL
Phone: (312) 929-9807
Website: cellncomprepairs.com


”After running around all day and going through both phone provider and Apple, this place was the best place to be and the KINDEST. It was recommended to me by a friend. I needed my phone fixed IMMEDIATELY and they managed to do so within 15 minutes. Very kind and very helpful individuals.” – Isabella Cardenas

Computer One Chicago

Trustworthy Computer Repair in Belmont Cragin

Computer One Chicago is dedicated to providing comprehensive gadget and computer solutions. Furthermore, they ensure that their clients receive timely assistance. They can provide their services in their shop, their clients’ homes, or offices. Moreover, this company places a strong emphasis on educating clients. They prioritize preventive maintenance and data backup services. They are also committed to offering invaluable tech support.

They offer repair and upgrade services for laptops and desktops. Their services also include software and hardware troubleshooting and upgrading. They also do hardware replacements and install and configure the network.

Products/ Services:

laptop, desktop repairs


Address: 4338 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL
Phone: (773) 350-0685
Website: computeronechicago.com


”Dragos was kind enough to evaluate my computer issue for no charge via phone/text and gave me his honest opinion on what I should do. He gave me upfront pricing and was very quick. Amazing customer service! 10/10″ –Maggie O’Neill


Experienced Computer Repair in Belmont Cragin

MyCrazyMachine is a trusted name in the tech industry. Furthermore, they are backed by a team of experienced professionals, with over 30 years of experience. They take pride in delivering high-quality services. They are committed to striving to offer top-notch professional services at affordable prices. They are also dedicated to transparency and quality customer support. Their mission is to offer accessible, efficient, and cost-effective IT solutions to the public.

They offer repairs, data recovery services, and professional consulting. Their services also include desktop, laptop, and Apple gadget repairs. They also offer liquid damage repairs on Apple gadgets and desktop computers.

Products/ Services:

electronics repairs, data recovery, professional consulting


Address: 4044 N Drake Ave #2, Chicago, IL
Phone: (737) 898-417
Website: mycrazymachine.com


“Rob and My Crazy Machine are great! He fixed 4 MacBooks, including two dead from liquid spills, one broken monitor and one keyboard that double typed. He also fixed an Apple desktop with a bad power unit. He hit all marks on service, speed and price and there’s nothing they can’t bring back to life!” –Jonathan Kunkle

ONCALLERS | Improvements, Repairs, Technology

Reliable Computer Repair in Belmont Cragin

ONCALLERS | Improvements, Repairs, Technology has been a trusted partner for both residential and business clients. With a dedicated team of skilled technicians, they offer comprehensive services. Moreover, they provide on-site services, ensuring convenience for their customers. They provide vetted professionals who deliver quality and affordability. Also, they are a team with over 50 years of collective experience. Their mission is to provide efficient, affordable, and straightforward solutions.

They offer electronics repairs, home improvements, and IT solutions. Their services cover mobile phones, tablets, iPads, Mac computers, Chromebooks, desktops, and laptops. In addition, they ensure to use of only the best parts for replacement services.

Products/ Services:

electronics repairs, home improvements, IT solutions


Address: 6240 W Belmont Ave #100, Chicago, IL
Phone: (773) 696-5106
Website: oncallers.com


”I have never had a more pleasant experience inviting a repairperson into my home. We’ve been having trouble getting a kitchen faucet installed for some time now and ONCALLERS solved our problem effortlessly. We’re going to be using them for everything now. Thank you so much!” – Margaret Gel