CLEVER DEFI is an exciting new crypto investment opportunity with a long-term vision


While the mainstream fascination with cryptocurrencies has fizzled out, the industry has continued to be impactful. Many bitcoin projects have come and gone over the years, with some leaving their investors burned by making promises that they fail to deliver on.

CLEVER DEFI is a new decentralized finance (DeFi) token with an innovative design that uses Blockchain to distribute secure interest payments to holders on a 14-day cycle. Scheduled to complete 888 cycles, the final fortnightly interest payment will occur in 34 years’ time, forecasted to deliver an average ROI of 80.60% over a 10 year period.

Bryan Legen
Bryan Legend, Cryptocurrency Expert

The brainchild of cryptocurrency expert Bryan Legend, the Clever Token (CLVA) has been meticulously crafted and intelligently designed. By leveraging collaboration with programming developers, the CLEVER protocol has undergone rigorous testing in order for the creators to ensure that it behaves exactly as promised.

CLVA differs from other bitcoin projects at a fundamental level, acting as the first finance protocol to be truly decentralized. The interest is gained by all who hold tokens without any contracts, lock-up periods, staking terms or discrimination of any kind.

One of the main points of difference for CLVA is that minting will start at 0 supply. That’s right, the CLEVER DEFI team retains no token supply, a refreshingly different approach that prevents them from dumping a supply on the market and causing the value to drop.

CLVA is suited to those who are eager to store their wealth in a secure place where they can benefit from a high yielding interest rate. Far superior to simply storing cash in typical savings account at the bank (where there is practically no interest growth), CLVA offers a better way.

Of course, those seeking to start to grow their investment portfolio should also take a look at CLEVER DEFI. As a fundamentally sound asset, CLVA is the ideal way to de-risk and ensure a great ROI.