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Charleito announced his new album, Solidified

If you haven’t heard of the US rapper, Charleito, then be prepared for this young talent to break into the mainstream music scene very soon. The young rapper recently announced his new album, Solidified, on Apple Music.


Charleito has been making music since he was 14 years old. It started with a microphone and a laptop. By his own words, the young rapper found himself contemplating a career in the music industry for a good chunk of his teenage years, always wondering ‘whether to take it to the next level or not.’ His uncle was also a DJ at the time, so he was always up to date with the new emerging talent coming through the ranks of the industry. While he was in college, he seriously contemplated going to the next step. In 2017, the emerging rapper decided that it was the career path for him.

At just 15 years of age, Charleito was getting recognition for his self-produced mixtapes and singles within his high school and hometown in Indiana. Since then, appreciation for his music has continued to grow.

A lot his music echoes his current mood and stage in life. His upbeat tunes often reflect a time in his life when he was happy, content and optimistic. He values truth and authenticity in his music, often looking at his present life experiences to guide him through the music process. A lot of this resonates with his most recent album release, Solidified.

You can also hear a lot of Charleito’s music idols influencing his style in his current tracks. The emerging US star loved listening to the works of OutKast, Jay-Z, DMX, Lil Wayne and Kendrick Lamar. The rapper even finds himself returning to some of his old favourites and classics for inspiration. He helps him pinpoint what message he wants to send in his music and how to find the right balance in his writing process.

Solidified is all about commitment and dedication. It’s Charleito’s first solo album and one that he spent a lot of time building and refining.  Charleito aspires to work with a lot of great artists in the industry. He hopes that one day he could work with Drake or even DJ Khaled.

If the young artist wasn’t working in the music industry, he hopes he would be doing something great and fulfilling with his life. However, he loves making music, so loyal fans can expect more albums and tracks from this emerging talent in the future.