C’est La Vie with Your Bowie – 3 Best Online Stores to Buy French Knives

C’est La Vie with Your Bowie – 3 Best Online Stores to Buy French Knives

Ahh, France. When you think of France you think of the Eiffel Tower, wine, good food and beautiful scenes. It is not very likely that when someone thinks of France, they think of knives. However, French knives are some of the most beautiful and well made knives in the world, and for that reason, there is a big demand for them. Such knives include Laguiole French knives, some of the most well known products on the market. Laguiole knives look absolutely beautiful and have many different functions. Because of the demand, there are many stores out there, some of which sell non-authentic products.

Here are the 5 best online stores to buy French knives.

#1 Laguiole French KnivesTwo French knives leaning on a wooden log from an online store.

Laguiole French Knives are top of the line products with a considerable reputation to them. Known for being absolutely beautiful, detailed and aesthetically pleasing, they also offer functionality which you would expect from a knife. They come mostly in a folding knife style, and are easily kept in pockets or jackets, ready to be used when needed. The designs of the knife are especially highlighted in their hilt or handle, where intricate designs are carved into a material of choice. From ebony and maple wood to box wood, there are numerous different materials which can be used to create these pieces. Some even offer a corkscrew functionality, making them even more functional. A great choice for any knife collector!

#2 Fontenille PataudA French knife from an online store in a log outdoors.

Fontenille Pataud has been manufacturing Laguiole French knives since 1929. They have a wealth of experience when it comes to the production of these knives, and their products certainly reflect this in their design and functionality. They follow the traditions of French cutlery to a tee, and their master craftsmen produce some of the most amazing knives as a result. Their products are often passed down from generation to generation, a fact that they boast proudly on their website. A good site for the French knife enthusiast.

#3 Laguiole ImportsA french knife from an online store lying on a log.

Laguiole Imports is a simpler looking website, but make no mistake, their products are top of the line. Offering free 2-day delivery, you can ensure your products will be here on time (for the impatient knife collector!). Offering corkscrews, sheaths, knives, table knives, specialities and services, you will be able to find what you need here on Laguiole Imports. Same day engravings, worldwide shipping, warranty support and a free sharpening service are some of the things you can find on this site. A good place for your all in one stop needs.

These are the 3 best places to buy French knives online. These sites offer all the Laguiole products you could ever need, and much more.