5 Best Ceramic Tiles Stores in India

5 Best Ceramic Tiles Stores in India

Ceramic tiles are the hallmark of any beautiful looking house, that is a known fact. When a guest comes into your home, the first thing they will notice is the interior design and the floor is the biggest part of the house. Wooden floors have traditionally dominated the market, however, ceramic tiles have paved the way for a new aesthetic upon which modern houses have built their foundational signature look. The most beautiful ceramic tiles come from India, as they have many of the materials used to make these tiles. Ceramic tiles come in many different shapes and sizes, including wall tiles, porcelain tiles, parking tiles, mosaic tiles, and many more.

Here are the top 5 best ceramic tiles stores in India.

#1 Linum CeramicA ceramic tiled bathroom done by a store in India.

Linum Ceramic offers a variety of different ceramic tiles, including wall tiles, porcelain slabs, vitrified tiles, subway tiles, parking tiles, and mosaic tiles. Linum Ceramic is based in India at MORBI, which is well known to be the ceramic city of the world). This means the materials used are of the highest quality, and you can ensure you are getting your money’s worth.

#2 Kajaria CeramicsCeramic tiles stores pattern.

Kajaria Ceramics offers many products including bathroom wall tiles, kitchen wall tiles, living room wall tiles, and outdoor wall ties. Kajaria Ceramics is the largest manufacturer of ceramic tiles in India. They offer over 2800 options in different ceramic tiles, so you will be sure to find what you want here.

#3 SoMany CeramicsA living room with ceramic tiles on the floor in India.

Founded in 1969, SoMany Ceramics has been in operation for a significant amount of time. It has plants operating in Kadi, Kassar, and India. Its ceramics have a presence in many global locations including India, Africa, the Middle East, United Kingdom, and Russia. With a global reach like this one, you know that their products are worth the price.

#4 Cera IndiaA bathroom with ceramic tiles in India.

Cera India has glazed vitrified tiles, polished vitrified tiles, ceramic floor tiles, ceramic wall tiles, and elevation tiles. Furthermore, they offer additional products including wash basins, seat covers, urinals, bath accessories, and much more. Cera India has everything you could ever need for the interior of a home.

#5 HR Johnson IndiaA floor of ceramic tiles from a store in India.

HR Johnson India has a huge selection of different types of tiles and flooring. From residential tiles, outdoor tiles, and bathroom tiles to commercial flooring and engineered marble and quartz. Literally everything you could ever need is included here at HR Johnson India.

These are the 5 best places to find ceramic tiles from India. Any of these stores will provide the best quality tiles, and you can trust them as they are made in India, where ceramic tiles are of the highest possible quality.