5 Best Bushwalks in Columbus, OH 🥇

Best Bushwalks in Columbus, OH

Below is a list of the top and leading Bushwalks in Columbus, OH. To help you find the best Bushwalks located near you in Columbus, OH, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Columbus, OH’s Best Bushwalks:

The top-rated Bushwalks in Columbus, OH are:

  • Highbanks Metro Park – named for its massive 100-foot-high shale bluff towering over the Olentangy State Scenic River
  • Blendon Woods Metro Park – has a great variety of songbirds, waterfowl, and other wildlife while walking
  • Inniswood Metro Gardens – a natural woodland home to waterways and various wildlife species
  • Scioto Audubon Metro Park – a 120-acre park for all ages that is set amid a once industrial landscape
  • Blacklick Woods Metro Park – has one of the best remaining beech-maple forests in Central Ohio, along with buttonbush swamp

Highbanks Metro Park

Bushwalks in Columbus, OH

Highbanks is one of the metro parks in Columbia that is open from 6:30 AM to 8 PM. You can enjoy various features and amenities inside the scenic park. Go for a walk? Highbanks can get your high expectations from their numerous, worthwhile trails inside the park. While walking by yourself, with your loved one, or even your pet, you go through the meadows, woods, and fields that take your stress away. Aside from trails, they also have shelters you can use and activities you can do to make your stay in the park worthwhile.


Trails, Shelters, Biking, Canoeing, Fishing


Address: 9466 Columbus Pike, Lewis Center, OH 43035
Phone: (614) 906 3149
Website: metroparks.net/parks-and-trails/highbanks


“I love Highbanks. We’re fortunate in Ohio to have a park like this. It’s big enough for a substantial day-hike (though I’ve taken a pack with me, you’ll probably be fine leaving water in the car), well kept, with plenty of opportunities to explore and adventure. After it rains is the best! Highbanks can take a ton of moisture before it gets really muddy, but all the waterways will be filled. One of my favorite things about this park is the shade. It can be mid 90’s and humid and LOVELY on the trail. There’s also a ton of places for picnics/gatherings/cookouts.” – Francisco Rojas

Blendon Woods Metro Park

bushwalk areas in Columbus

A 653-acre metro park, Blendon Woods is a great place to be with nature. This park lets you see a variety of songbirds, waterfowl, and other wildlife – the flock of wild turkeys would fascinate you, wandering about to look for food. Moreover, it highlights two elevated observation shelters with spotting scopes for viewing waterfowl. Aside from their shelters and lodges, they have trails that range from easy to difficult level. With these tranquil yet fun and challenging trails, you will surely enjoy your walk around the park.


Trails, Shelters, Disc Golf, Ice skating, Pet Trails


Address: 4265 E Dublin Granville Rd, Columbus, OH
Phone: (614) 620 1861
Website: metroparks.net/parks-and-trails/blendon-woods


“Beautiful and clean metro park. Lots of picnic areas, trails, and places for fun adventures. Great for singles, couples, families, groups, and parties. We had a delightful picnic together. Very pleased and looking forward to our next visit. Highly recommend it to others. Godspeed to all.” – Miki Kulani

Inniswood Metro Gardens

Columbus' best bushwalks

Inniswood provides a majestic backdrop with its beautiful landscapes of gardens and lawns. This metro garden is proud to have more than 2000 species of plants, specialty collections, and themed gardens. A source of beauty, education, and inspiration for hundreds of thousands of visitors annually, the sophisticated gardens allow you to relax while walking along their easy trails. Aside from the gardens and trails, they also offer various programs that can satisfy your needs and wants throughout the year. With a history of more than 40 years, Inniswood brings you more than a leisure walk through the woods.


Trails, Field Trips, Gardens, Gardening, Children & Adult Programs


Address: 940 S Hempstead Rd, Westerville, OH 43081
Phone: (614) 895 6216
Website: inniswood.org


“Inniswood Metro Garden is a gem in the Metro park system. This beautiful Garden is comparable to gardens in Europe. The trails in the woods on boardwalks over canopied wetland woods are cool and refreshing. The children’s garden offers hours of adventure for the little ones. Several places are great for getting that ideal photo. I highly recommend a visit to Inniswood Metro Garden.” – Duane Mabry

Scioto Audubon Metro Park

Park for best bushwalk experience

Scioto Audubon is a transformed green oasis where wildlife and birds cultivate. It is both a recreational and educational destination for visitors of all ages. In partnership with Columbus City, Ohio Audubon, and Columbus Metro Parks, this park brings nature to the Capital City. It also has trails for hiking, biking and allows pets to walk with you and your loved ones. Moreover, they have shelters where you can have a picnic and grill your favorite meat and vegetables. Sealing the deal, they have various activities to delve into if you are looking for a weekend stress reliever.


Trails, Shelters, Boating, Rock Climbing, Sledding


Address: 400 W Whittier St, Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: (614) 202 5197
Website: metroparks.net/parks-and-trails/scioto-audubon


“Nice place to relax, take a walk through one of the trails, have the kids play in the playground, take your shoes off and play some volleyball in the sand area, or bring some seasoned meat and get your grill on! Did I mention that they have a rock climbing wall too?” – Luis Lopez

Blacklick Woods Metro Park

Bushwalks and Trails in Columbus, Ohio

Featuring 643 acres of woods, fields, seasonal swamp ponds, a small prairie, and a golf course, Blacklick Woods offers a breathtaking view of a well-conserved park. With forests surrounding you, your walk brings you to your much-awaited escape from city life. Trails that wind through forests and fields of wildflowers, this park lets you sink in the feeling of nature. If you want to enjoy the scenery with your loved ones, this park offers numerous shelters that will suit your taste and needs. Additionally, activities such as sledding and golfing will heighten your mood after a serene walk.


Parks, Trails, Shelters, Golfing, Nature Centers


Address: 6975 E Livingston Ave, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068
Phone: (614) 861 8759
Website: metroparks.net/parks-and-trails/blacklick-woods


“I visit this metro park very often. It is always a great place to clear my head on the trails and see some excellent wildlife. The rangers here are always friendly and willing to help in any way they can. Blacklick also has great shelter options for rent for parties, reunions, and cookouts! Definitely recommend.” – Kevin Oakden