5 Best Bushwalks in Charlotte 🥇

Best Bushwalks in Charlotte

Below is a list of the top and leading bushwalks in Charlotte. To help you find the best bushwalks located near you in Charlotte, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Charlotte’s Best Bushwalks:

The top-rated bushwalks in Charlotte are:

  • Reedy Creek Park – offers a variety of scenic views and activities.
  • Four Mile Creek Greenway – houses different wildlife that is perfect for animal lovers.
  • McAlpine Creek and Campbell Greenway Trailhead – ideal for bike enthusiasts because of its mostly flat trail.
  • McDowell Nature Preserve – its selling point is its preservation of endangered and rare plants and water activities.
  • Little Sugar Creek Greenway – a developed greenway found in an urban setting.

Reedy Creek Park

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Reedy Creek Park is one of the famous parks in Charlotte with a total of 146 acres that has over 10-mile hiking trails. Its hiking trails are adjacent and connected to Reedy Creek’s 727-acre nature preserve. It offers different must-see scenic views like small lakes, forests, fields, streams, and wildlife while on the trail that attracts even non-hikers.

The park itself welcomes all ages and different kinds of people as it has playgrounds for kids, basketball courts, tennis courts, and golf courses for sports enthusiasts, and a large open space for families and friends that want to go on a picnic in their free time.

There is nothing to worry about the cleanliness and safety of the place too as they maintain and do regular patrol around the area.


Address: 2900 Rocky River Rd, Charlotte, NC 28213
Phone: (980) 314 1119
Website: https://www.mecknc.gov/


“Beautiful park with well taken care of trails… easy to get through a couple of miles! Offers views of several ponds, rock house ruins, playground, etc. as well as several parking areas to leave your car and adventure!” – Luba Kat

Four Mile Creek Greenway

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Four Mile Creek Greenway is a long wooden boardwalk that starts either from the intersection of Rea Road and Bevington or in Matthews. People with cars prefer starting in Matthews as it is connected to Squirrel Park which serves as its parking lot. Locals nearby love to visit the place because of the different bird species and ducks that can freely roam around Squirrel Park without having to go deeper into the trail. The abundance of wildlife, such as beavers and white-tailed deer, living in the area that can be seen while exploring also encourages others to hike the whole trail.

Do not worry about bathroom breaks and running out of water because they have bathroom amenities and water fountains scattered as you go along.


Address: 9401 State Rd 3649, Charlotte, NC 28277
Phone: (704) 336 3854
Website: https://www.mecknc.gov/


“This part of the greenway features a 1 3/4 mile trek. Much of the walk is under a forest canopy and over marshy terrain on a raised wooden pathway. A point of interest is where a large field of cattails grows. A beautiful sight when it matures in the fall.” – Donald Jenkins

McAlpine Creek and Campbell Greenway Trailhead

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McAlpine Creek and Campbell Greenway Trailhead is the creek connected to Four Mile Creek Greenway. Like the previously mentioned greenway, McAlpine is also a wildlife-rich area that will surely captivate nature lovers. Hikers from Four Mile sometimes also extend their walk to go here as to not miss the beauty of nature. The greenway is mostly flat and sometimes a bit crowded because some people living around the area also uses this as their shortcut to going home when they don’t commute.

It is highly advisable not to bring a car if you will explore this area due to the lack of parking space and just use a bike instead because the greenway itself is perfect for bike enthusiasts.


Address: 110 Old Bell Rd, Charlotte, NC 28270
Phone: N/A
Website: https://www.mecknc.gov/


“Very nice and green trail with lots of natural feeling. You will feel that you are in the middle of the jungle. If you are lucky, you might see a deer while on the trail.” – Andy D.

McDowell Nature Preserve

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McDowell Nature Preserve is the oldest preserve in Mecklenburg County. It houses 119 bird species, 21 mammal species, 21 reptile species, and 14 amphibian species as of today. Visiting this preserve allows you to see the endangered Schweinitz’s sunflower and the rare prairie dock. Aside from floral and fauna, this preserve also offers canoeing and kayaking since it has a pier in it. This is for hikers who love to explore and do different kinds of activities aside from just walking, running, and biking.

Do bear in mind that this trail is mostly underdeveloped to maintain its natural vibe by remaining untouched by humans.


Address: 15222 South York Rd, Charlotte, NC 28278
Phone: (980) 314 1128
Website: https://www.mecknc.gov/


“A great place to hit the trails and clear your mind. There are many trails that all intertwine to keep it interesting. You can also find many benches to sit and rest if you choose.” – Jason Tellier

Little Sugar Creek Greenway

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Little Sugar Creek Greenway is a linear park that is still undergoing stream restoration in some of its parts. What’s unique about this greenway is that it is within the urban setting that’s why at times it gets crowded especially during weekends. It is a perfect place for urban people to get away from the city life surrounding it as it does not require a long walk or biking when exploring this place.

Out of all the parks listed, this is the most developed one with a few shops and cafes around after a tiring but satisfying exploration of the greenway.


Address: 1133 Metropolitan Ave, Charlotte, NC 28204
Phone: N/A
Website: https://www.mecknc.gov/


“Beautiful greenway trail for running, biking, walking, etc. The trail is paved and has nice views of Little Sugar Creek. A playground along the way and basketball court.” – Catalina Mejia