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5 Best Bush Walks in Fort Worth 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Bush Walks in Fort Worth. To help you find the best Bush Walks located near you in Fort Worth, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Fort Worth’s Best Bush Walks:

The top rated Bush Walks in Fort Worth are:

  • Oakland Lake Park – covers an area of 6 acres and features various amenities for gatherings and hikes
  • Arcadia Trail Park – features recreation and picnic spots for the whole family
  • Cobb Trail Park – offers a wide space for hikers and sports enthusiasts to enjoy their hobbies
  • Bluestem Park – features a venue for community gathering and outdoor learning experience
  • Fort Worth Water Gardens – provides a scenic and refreshing scene of an oasis in downtown Fort Worth

Oakland Lake Park 

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Oakland Lake Park covers an area of 6 acres and features various amenities for gatherings and hikes. There are benches, bleachers, and grills good for recreation. The park also has a parking lot for convenience. Furthermore, kids may enjoy the park with swings and skatepark. Some of the facilities include a baseball field, a fishing pond, and a tennis court. The trails feature different species of animals, insects, and plants. Moreover, the trails are great for long walks and friendly for beginners. There are also stone terraces, stairs to the lake, and roads for short walks.


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Address: 7000 Bellaire Dr S, Fort Worth, TX 76132
Phone: (817)-392-5700
Website: fortworthtexas.gov/departments/parks/parks-and-trails


“I had never visited this park until recently and I was surprised. It’s hidden away along the Trinity river in a quiet neighborhood next to a couple of golf courses. Lots of trees and nature. It’s part of a longer trail system that goes all the way to downtown Fort Worth. Go. You’ll enjoy it.” – Eddie Ward

Arcadia Trail Park

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Arcadia Trail Park features recreation and picnic spots for the whole family. It covers 69.1 acres of land featuring a walking path, volleyball court, and tennis courts. There is also baseball backstop for enthusiasts. Furtehmore, there is a pet station that provides enough security for the furries. There is also a diverse number of species that can be found in the park. There are fishes and frogs in the lake. Moreover, it provides a great spot for sports enthusiasts. They have great facilities and a wide space for players and audiences. In addition, the hike and bike trails cover 1.24 miles/ It can be explored by beginners and advanced hikers.


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Address:  7613 Arcadia Trail, Fort Worth, TX 76137
Phone:  (817)-392-5700
Website: fortworthtexas.gov/departments/parks


“I mostly go here for the disc golf so I can’t speak to any other facilities. However, the course is a super fun. It’s has something for beginners and drained players alike. I have played here almost every Saturday morning, at sunrise, since February and I haven’t gotten bored.” – Seth Webster

Cobb Trail Park

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Cobb Trail Park offers a wide space for hikers and sports enthusiasts to enjoy their hobbies. The 224-acre park features quality facilities. It is also great for exercise routines and relaxation. Some amenities featured by the park are a backstop, basketball court, and bleachers. There are also bike racks and a parking lot for the convenience of the people visiting the park. Barbeque may also be done with their available grill. Moreover, there is a stand-alone swing and playground for children. A skatepark adds to their long list of facilities. Trails also fill the park grounds. The trails showcase different floras and faunas.


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Address:  7601 John T White Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76120
Phone:  (817)-392-5700
Website: fortworthtexas.gov/departments/parks/parks-and-trails


“Nice, quiet neighborhood park. Has a ball diamond. Sat in tree shade for lunch.” – Michael Redmond

Bluestem Park

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Bluestem Park features a venue for community gatherings and outdoor learning experiences. It offers various educational displays, wellness programs, and walking and biking trails. The park is home to numerous species of native plants and grasslands. The diverse wildlife and plants can sum up to 500. Furtehmore, it is open to the local residents for relaxation and recreation. The scenic view motivates hikers and joggers to tour around the area. There is also a trail where people can do their exercise routines and observe animals.


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Address:  3350 Amador Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76244
Website: alliancetowncenter.com/parks-and-trails


“Beautiful park, well thought out landscaping, wildlife. This park takes you out of the city while being in the city. Trail connections to restaurants and hotel. Nice small play area for the kids. Come bring your family, get some exercise, and stop for lunch or dinner in Alliance after.” – Mike Guthals

Fort Worth Water Gardens

5 Best Bush Walks in Fort Worth5

Fort Worth Water Gardens provides a scenic and refreshing scene of an oasis in downtown Fort Worth. It is near the Fort Worth Convention Center. The park was designed by Philip Johnson. Moreover, many visitors tour the place due to its great architectural design. It also features three massive water pools of different dynamics. There is an aerating, quiet, and active pool available. Furtehmore, the shady sanctuary makes the tour more comfortable. The tour guides are very knowledgeable and approachable, especially to foreigners. In addition, there is also a place that features the outdoor nature of the area.


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Address: 1502 Commerce St, Fort Worth, TX 76102
Phone: ( 817)-392-5700
Website: fortworth.com/things-to-do/attractions/fort-worth-water-gardens


“Absolutely beautiful place! Great for photos. Nice place for a free date. There are 4 main exhibits; 3 water features and a large stone one (The mountain). Can’t believe it took me so long to actually go for the first time. I definitely recommend going at night. The lighted aerated water feature is awesome in the dark!” – Angela Biddle