5 Best Bookstores in San Diego 🥇

5 Best Bookstores in San Diego

Below is a list of the top and leading Bookstores in San Diego. To help you find the best Bookstores located near you in San Diego, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

San Diego’s Best Bookstores: 

The top rated Bookstores in San Diego are:

  • Bluestocking Books – features books and magazines from a wide range of genres
  • Verbatim Books – features a carefully-curated selection of rare and used books
  • Footnote Books – has helped sellers and buyers of books since 1996
  • Barnes and Noble- the internet’s largest bookstore with vast warehouses around the world
  • Pennywise Books – features quality used books in an orderly and neat manner.

Bluestocking Books

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Bluestocking Books features books and magazines from a wide range of genres. They have books from fictional to non-fictional. There are also educational books for gardening, cooking, and the arts. They also have various collectibles like 1st editions, fragile, and signed books. Furthermore, they accept book trading and donations. They have a team of approachable staff the facilitates the process. They critically assess the books to ensure that it is still of good quality. Moreover, they have an effective book search service for books that they do not have. The staff secures the books in a short period of time. They also shop the books directly to their customers for brand new books.

Products/ Services:

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Address: 3817 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92103
Phone: (619)-296-1424
Website: bluestockingbooks.com


”Went in to find a book for my friend’s mother and Mary was exceptionally kind and attentive! Had plenty of suggestions and took ample time to help us, would recommend!” – Jeremy Brown

Verbatim Books

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Verbatim Books features a carefully-curated selection of rare and used books. They also buy and sell books on Mondays and Fridays. The bookstore is selective about the books they buy. However, they accept any genre of books. The books have 20 percent cash and 30% store credit in retail value. The store also accepts bulk donations of books. Moreover, they provide an inventory of books. This makes it easier for retrieval and information. The bookstore also has a zone corner filled with local zine and chapbook products. The walls feature the worst of San Diego photographers and artists. This offers a comforting image while reading.

Products/ Services:

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Address: 3793 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104
Phone: (619)-501-7466
Website: verbatim-books.com


”My favorite book store in San Diego. They have a wide selection and it’s all very well layed out. It’s worth visiting just for the unique decor and ambience.” – John Maltman

Footnote Books 

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Footnote Books has helped sellers and buyers of books since 1996. It is an online marketplace for fine art, collectibles, and books. This allows customers to find the things they love. Furthermore, their bookshelves are filled with the latest bestsellers and used books., There are also rare books that have the signature of the other or are the first editions. They also feature out-of-print titles from years ago. Moreover, they offer their products at affordable prices. They also have hidden gems that unexpectedly satisfies the needs of their customers. In addition, they assist customers around the world find the books they are looking for. They also provide publications in multiple languages.

Products/ Services:

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Address: 1627 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92103
Phone: (619)-294-8455
Website:  abebooks.com/footnote-books-san-diego-ca-u.s.a/215235/sf


“Love this bookstore. Located in the heart of hillcrest by the flag. Small space but cramped with books in a good way. Lots of different tittles, new and old, rare and collectible. Owner is veru friendly has been on the owner since the 90s. Come by ans take a look.” – Lesly Sanchez

Barnes and Noble

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Barnes and Noble is the internet’s largest bookstore with vast warehouses around the world. They have more than 1 million titles ready t be delivered to various places across different countries. Furthermore, they accurately give their customers a way to find the books they need quickly. They also provide reviews and descriptions for the products they sell. Moreover, they have a list of editor recommendations on all of their products. They also offer the books at discounted prices. Their team assesses the old books if it still provides their purpose. They classified the books according to audiobooks, award winners, and bargain books.

Products/ Services:

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Address: Hazard Center, 7610 Hazard Center Dr #315, San Diego, CA 92108
Phone: (619)-220-0175
Website:   stores.barnesandnoble.com/store/1978


”I ordered books online and picked them up in the store. The person who took my call was friendly, helpful, and efficient. The store staff called me when my books were ready for pickup (it took less than two days for the books to arrive). Everyone in the store practiced social distancing and appropriate face masking. The cashier was very helpful and friendly. I felt totally safe, and it was so very nice to be in a bookstore again, if only for a short while.” – Danielle Lingle

Pennywise Books

5 Best Bookstores in San Diego5

Pennywise Books features quality used books in an orderly and neat manner. They also buy, sell, and trade books at competitive prices. Furthermore, they have a wide collection of books across all genres. Fr fiction, there are children’s books, general novels, and mystery books. They also feature romantic suspense and chick literature books. For non-fiction, there is a wide selection of biography, true crime, and reference books available. Moreover, they feature the newest titles arranged according to their authors. The hardback books have rental options. They also have 1-dollar book sales at various times.

Products/ Services:

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Address: 1331 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109
Phone:  (858)-270-1640
Website: pennywisebooks.info


”It’s a totally different vibe than shopping in a big box corporate bookstore chain. They encourage you to make yourself at home–to sit down and read for as long as you like without being bothered.” – Michael Brooks