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5 Best Book Publishers in New Hampshire🥇

Below is a list of the leading book publishers in New Hampshire, based on a variety of internal rating factors.

If you want to try to get your own book published, then it’s worth taking a look at the following list, based on this rating points list.

New Hampshire’s Best Books Publishers:

  1. Seacoast Press – an award-winning book publisher
  2. Mindstir Media – offering mind-stirringly easy book publishing
  3. The Armarium Press – operating since 2000
  4. Peter E. Randall Publisher – for municipalities, groups and individuals
  5. Hobblebush Books – publish both literary and non-literary titles

1. Seacoast Press

Sea Coast Press

Website: www.seacoastpress.com

One of the best book publishers in the US! Founded and owned by J.J. Hebert, a nine-time award-winning author of four #1 Amazon Best Sellers, Seacoast Press is without a doubt one of the best publishing houses in New Hampshire. Seacoast Press gives authors a friendly, step-by-step experience that helps them get into the publishing industry and avoid the common pitfalls that turn so many away. Seacoast Press offers Best Seller campaigns and 100% royalties to the authors it works with, and this is all achieved through their neatly packaged and affordable Best Seller publishing service.

Seacoast Press offers a “traditional quality” service, providing professional support in all areas. This professional support ensures that those who publish with Seacoast get an end-result with high production values. However, they allow authors to retain all exclusive publishing rights; keep ownership of the book’s content and design; and work with the publisher without the need to involve a literary agent, among other benefits.

2. Mindstir Media

Mindstir Media

Website: www.mindstirmedia.com

Mindstir Media’s tagline is ‘mind-stirringly easy book publishing’, and this is endorsed by Kevin Harrington, one of the original ‘Sharks’ from the show Shark Tank. Mindstir Media is an award-winning self-publishing company that gives people an easy way to self-publish their work onto platforms like Amazon and other venues.

3. The Armarium Press

The Armarium Press

Website: thearmariumpress.com

‘Armarium’ is an ancient version of a bookcase, and an appropriate basis for the name of this esteemed New Hampshire publisher. The Armamrium Press was founded in 2000 and initially focused on books related to business that championed the spirit of American entrepreneurship. Since 2007, the publishing house has branched into children’s educational books and travel books.

4. Peter E. Randall Publisher

Peter E. Randall Publisher

Website: perpublisher.com

Founded in 1970, Peter E. Randall Publisher has provided a high-quality book publishing service for over 40 years and is showing no signs of letting up. The publisher provides a complete service that includes editing, design, layout, indexing, binding, printing and marketing. The firm has been home to many award-winning books and mainly focuses on non-fiction titles such as biographies and memoirs.

Peter E. Randall Publisher only engages the publishing process with works that it thinks have genuine merit. The publisher has an excellent marketing platform attached to it, allowing for easy distribution for printed books, e-books, as well as print to order books.

5. Hobblebush Books

Hobblebush Books

Website: www.hobblebush.com

Hobblebush Books is an independent publishing firm that is focused on publishing books that have a sincere voice and that seek to make a real impact. They publish literary as well as non-literary books, and while they do help to publish e-books, Hobblebush has a passion for the physical beauty of a printed and bound book.