5 Best Bodyguard Services in Manhattan

Best Bodyguard Services in Manhattan

Bodyguard services are a niche and unique service; however, they are one that is definitely needed within the world. When you think of a bodyguard, you think of a highly trained and tough individual who follows a VIP around in a suit and keeps people away. While parts of this are true, there are many more aspects that encompass bodyguarding. Bodyguards serve an essential purpose in the world.

They are assigned to a VIP and are to protect him, designate safe routes for them to travel and sometimes they will have to protect set locations. These bodyguards are usually highly trained professionals with a wide skillset and may be former police or military veterans. Due to the nature of their work, it is vital that they are good at their job to protect their assigned person from any harm which may come to them.

The geographic locations many bodyguards may be working in are often perilous, as there are more work opportunities in these areas. These include warzones and areas plagued with high crime rates, especially those related to kidnapping.

Top rated bodyguard services in Manhattan, New York:

#1 USPA International Security

Top rated bodyguard services in Manhattan

Website: uspasecurity.com

USPA Security is a female led security company which provides highly trained and skilled protection officers who are able to effectively protect assigned peoples. They operate in 16 different countries such as the US, parts of Africa, Pakistan, Mexico, Bahamas and other locations.

Operating since 2005, their services have been utilized by many different people. Their services include close protection, anti-kidnapping and recovery, anti-piracy and disaster recovery. They even have a nationwide fire watch division within the US.

With over 117 5 star reviews, featuring in big brand media outlets such as Forbes, USA Today and Yahoo Finance and donating 50% of their profits to charity, you just can’t go wrong with USPA Security.

#2 Citadel Security Agency

Bodyguard Services in Manhattan

Website: www.citadelsecurityagency.com

Citadel Security Agency is based in New York City and offer trained and skilled bodyguard professionals for the personal security of set individuals. These individuals include celebrities, political figures, corporate leaders and others who are at a heightened risk of attack.

They are able to identify danger, develop escape routes and take action to keep the individual safe. Their services include executive protection for specific VIPs, personal protection bodyguards for ongoing security, celebrity bodyguard services. Citadel is a good choice for any individual who needs it.

#3 International Security Services

Bodyguard Services New York - Manhattan

Website: www.issinvestigation.com

International Security Services, based in New York City, understand that the world can be a dangerous place for individuals who present as celebrities, corporate executives and other VIPs. They use this understanding to provide armed security services to those who need them and are committed to their work.

Not only do they provide private security, but also investigations, background check services, consulting, security guard training and fire safety services.

#4 Building Security Services and Systems

nyc security guard service

Website: www.buildingsecurity.com

Building Security Services and Systems is one of the most respected private security firms in New York City. They provide security specifically for guarding a set location such as residential, corporate and commercial, construction, event security, hotel, warehouse, estate, retail and others. They cater to a specific need for security, and do their job well.

From concierge and doorman to custom patrols, fire safety and emergency action plan directors, they have it all here.

#5 Knight Security New York

Security New York

Website: www.knightsecurityny.com

Knight Security New York is a premier security company which sources trained, professional and expert security guards and agents. Offering true expertise in event security as well as executive protection and building security, Knight Security has all you could ever want from a security firm.

Their recruitment is specific, and they vet and train only quality security guards with potential, discipline and experience. What makes them very unique from other companies is their COVID-19 mitigation service, which helps to keep people socially distanced and following pandemic rules to mitigate the spread of the virus.

For those who need security services, it is crucial that they receive quality work. These security firms based in New York City do their job well, and will be able to provide a number of high quality security services to those who need them.