Top 3 Bodyguard Companies In Houston, TX

Bodyguard Companies In Houston

There is always a need it seems to feel a sense of protection, whether you’re on an important assignment, feel under duress, or simply in the business that requires someone to look over your shoulder.

The bodyguard industry is certainly on the rise as tensions rise all over the country, and in Houston, there is no shortage of services that offer a stellar protective service to their clients. Today will be an exploration into the top 3 bodyguard services in the city of Houston, judgment being based on service, pricing, notoriety, and value for money.

Top 3 Bodyguard Companies In Houston, Texas

#1 USPA Nationwide SecurityA bodyguard from Houston Texas in sunglasses and a suit.

USPA Nationwide Security is one of the all-encompassing and impressive bodyguard services in the entire country, their dedication to the craft, array of experience and overall customer service has pushed them straight to the top of any logical list.

They offer a range of alternative security solutions and have a particular knack and focus on getting the job done in the most professional and concise manner that can be found. Having a base in Houston and a host of professional and sought-after bodyguards in the populous city is an incredible additional detail to keep in mind.

USPA also offer a range of security guard services and armed security officer services that can be taken on at any time in any part of their coverage in the country, a feat that not many competitors share.

#2 The Reynolds FamilyA bodyguard service patrolling in Houston Texas.

The Reynolds Family have a certain air of Texas about them, being based in the lone star state, this 16-year veteran company in the bodyguarding business is hard to pass by without consideration. Their celebrity and executive protective services have been noted by some of the best in the business, and some very high-profile examples include the infamous Michael Jordan as well as international politicians on visits to the southern state.

Carrying a level four security license in the state and having their roots firmly residing in the state add a lot of extra weight to their notoriety down south, and their coverage of all the major Texas cities are an extra bonus.

#3 Top Gun Security ServicesA Texas bodyguard working in Houston.

Finally, we have Top Gun Security Services, yet another Texas local syndicate of security officers with varying levels of experience. This Texas-wide coverage is particularly trained in the field of close-quarters bodyguarding and close protective services. All testimonials found were of a professional and decent nature, they have the extra services of providing adequate and encompassing assessments that can invariably assist in making decisions on the level of protection or bodyguarding that may or may not be required.

They have military-trained eyes on all fronts and will do a decent job in ensuring the safety of their clients.