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Big things happening at Samsung with “multiple” AR and VR innovations coming soon

Samsung, has several AR and VR projects to be finalised in the coming months. The new products will reportedly be a series of new headsets, specifically tailored towards the company’s stagnated Gear product line.

What happened to the Gear headset?

Not much has happened in Samsung’s Gear headset line since 2017, with updates basically non-existent in that time. However, the company’s director of developer relations, Farshid Fallash has hinted that the seemingly ailing brand extension may be reborn. While the Gear range has been quiet for some time, Samsung has released a range of VR headsets in recent months, including the Windows Mixed Reality Odyssey +. Having said this, the Odyssey + is a more expensive product than the Gear range, meaning customers not willing to spend what the Odyssey + is retailed for are left out of the market.

What else is happening with Samsung?

While there could be some big developments in VR headsets, Samsung is also looking at the AR capabilities of the company’s new Galaxy S10 mobile device. The Galaxy S10 models were very well-received by critics and users and featured some of the most innovative tech seen with new phones.

The fingerprint sensors are hidden underneath the phone, in a designated area at the bottom of the screen. The screen is also larger than the S9 model and now features its Infinity-O display, in which the front-facing camera is in the upper-right corner of the device.