5 Best Yoga Studios in Sacramento, CA

Best Yoga Studios in Sacramento

Below is a list of the top and leading Yoga Studios in Sacramento. To help you find the best Yoga Studios located near you in Sacramento, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Sacramento’s Best Yoga Studios:

The top rated Yoga Studios in Sacramento, CA are:

  • Solfire Yoga – offer workshops, classes, and a meditation space
  • Agape Yoga and Fitness – is the place to practice yoga in Natomas Sacramento
  • Yoga Shala Sacramento – is dedicated to building a community
  • Sacramento Yoga Center – provides a space for nurturing their better selves
  • One Flow Yoga – takes care of everyone who walks through their doors

Solfire YogaYoga Studios in Sacramento

Solfire Yoga embodies soul and power and was started from their heartfelt desire to give a space for fun-loving individuals to grow and change through the practice of power yoga. On the mat, their amazing teachers will lead you as you connect to your inner strength, grow your flexibility, and start on a journey of physical and personal transformation.

Off the mat, they offer workshops, classes, and a meditation space for those who want to develop spiritually and deepen their connection to self and soul, to God, a higher power, nature, or the universe.


Yoga Classes


Address: 2613 J St, Sacramento, CA 95816
Phone: (916) 330-1825
Website: www.solfirejstreet.com


“The staff is friendly, the studio is clean, and the owner is incredibly knowledgeable and accommodating. I did my research and decided this studio was one I wanted to join. I have asthma, and typically hotter yoga classes are tough for me. I explained my situation to the owner and she allowed me to try a couple of classes to see how it went. The class was so incredible. Joining this studio and would recommend to anyone.” – Jackie W.

Agape Yoga and FitnessTop Yoga Studios in Sacramento

Agape Yoga and Fitness is the place to practice yoga in Natomas Sacramento. Agape is the number one power yoga studio in Natomas Sacramento. They are family-run so you have a non-corporate experience that you can relish. Their classes are for newbies and advanced practitioners. They teach yoga, power yoga, body sculpting, and yoga-pilates fusion. Their classes are within the same building as Tokon Martial Arts Natomas Sacramento.


Yoga, Power Yoga, Body Sculpting & Yoga-Pilates Fusion


Address: 1920 Terracina Dr #200, Sacramento, CA 95834
Phone: (916) 835-7717
Website: www.agapeyogaandfitness.com


“Christina is awesome! I leave feeling like I have had a great workout with clear headspace. Schedule a free trial, you won’t regret it!” – Brooke W.

Yoga Shala SacramentoYoga Studios Sacramento

Yoga Shala Sacramento is dedicated to building a community rooted in truth and love as they explore the wisdom of yoga. Their teachers make a space of acceptance and encouragement, promoting personal power and inner peace. Together they move to strengthen the unity of body, mind, and spirit.

Every class offers a creative dynamic series of poses blended together with music, breath, and inspiration to make a flow of energy and expression that strengthens your body, ease your mind, and touches your spirit. Yoga Shala Sacramento offer yoga teacher training in Sacramento each year at Yoga Shala as well.


Virtual Class, Livestream Workshops, Membership


Address: 2030 H St, Sacramento, CA 95811
Phone: (916) 505-5546
Website: www.yogashalasac.com


“Great classes here with serious yoga instructors who take their/students practice very seriously. I think the classes are pretty challenging, while not super fast flow you still get a good workout.” – Kevin G.

Sacramento Yoga CenterGood Yoga Studios in Sacramento

Sacramento Yoga Center provides a space for nurturing their better selves with a different selection of yoga styles and classes. Their yoga classes are personalized, small, and focus on your requirements whether you are young or old. They welcome new students, you will find responsive, caring instructors at the Sacramento Yoga Center who can work with your individual needs so that you can have a rewarding, positive experience.

Their yoga teachers offer traditional, time-tested Yoga practices in a gentle, safe, effective manner. They bring decades of experience, practice, and training as well as a deep dedication to their own inner growth revealed in their individual styles.


Senior Yoga, Yoga Style, Events


Address: 2791 24th St #6, Sacramento, CA 95818
Phone: (916) 996-5645
Website: www.sacramentoyogacenter.com


“It was great. I enjoyed the Sacramento Yoga Center.” – Johnny W.

One Flow YogaOne of the best Yoga Studios in Sacramento

One Flow Yoga, as the leading vinyasa yoga studio in Sacramento, they focus on offering yoga classes, workshops, and training to make a practical, positive difference in your life. Where you pick to learn and practice can make a huge difference in how much you relish and connect with yoga. They have a simple philosophy to take care of everyone who walks through their doors, whether online or in-person.

It informs everything they do, from how they teach, to how they treat each other. One Flow Yoga offers a practice that is both accessible and challenging. You will build flexibility strength, and endurance while having a great time and connecting with a warm, welcoming society.


Online Classes, Beginner Yoga, Teacher Training


Address: 5600 H St # 130, Sacramento, CA 95819
Phone: (916) 842-6082
Website: www.oneflowyoga.com


“First time here. Visiting a friend in Sacramento. The studio was very nice, clean, great space. April led the class and she was very professional, friendly, and welcoming. The class was refreshing – a little different than the classes I’m used to. I found a new home for my practice when I’m in town. Thank you so much!” – Paul T.