5 Best Yoga Studios in Kansas City, MO

Best Yoga Studios in Kansas City

Below is a list of the top and leading Yoga Studios in Kansas City. To help you find the best Yoga Studios located near you in Kansas City, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Kansas City’s Best Yoga Studios:

The top rated Yoga Studios in Kansas City, MO are:

  • CorePower Yoga – was founded and managed by Trevor Tice
  • Maya Yoga – helps lead you on your track into the world of yoga and inner peace
  • Full Circle Yoga KC – was established in 2017 by yoga teacher Jenny Hellman
  • Lisa Ash Yoga – provides personal yoga therapeutic in Kansas City
  • Sweatheory KC – provides infrared yoga, fitness, and meditation sessions

CorePower YogaYoga Studios in Kansas City

CorePower Yoga was founded and managed by Trevor Tice. They began with the premise that yoga can change your life both on and off the mat. Trevor founded CorePower Yoga in 2002 on Grant Street in downtown Denver, CO, delivering a patented brand of athletic, hot yoga in modern, inviting, and spa-like studios. It took several months for classrooms to fill up with six professors, including Trevor, teaching four classes per day. They did, however. It did not take long for people to start talking about this new yoga.


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Address: 4725 Wyandotte St, Kansas City, MO 64112
Phone: 866-441-9642
Website: www.corepoweryoga.com


“This is my favorite yoga studio in the Kansas City area. The instructors are great and I love the vibe in this place. But most important of all are the benefits that practicing yoga has had on my overall physical and mental health. I feel more energized and focused when I practice regularly. I love it!” – Ivan G.

Maya YogaTop Yoga Studios in Kansas City

Maya Yoga helps lead you on your track into the world of yoga and inner peace. It is all about you. Your own development and improvement. Your tale is waking up and bringing you peace. Kathleen Kastner created Maya Yoga after her previous studio, Yoga Gallery, burned down in 2002. It was Kansas City’s first Ashtanga studio, offering profound traditional teachings that honor the practice’s direct heritage.

With its current owner, Samantha Collinson, Maya Yoga continues to evolve, change, and flourish (also a long-time student of Maya Yoga). She continues a seventeen-year legacy of encouraging Maya Yoga’s students to have extensive mentorship.


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Address: 215 W 18th St #200, Kansas City, MO 64108
Phone: 816-283-8985
Website: www.mayayoga.com


“You won’t find a better yoga studio in KC. Take a class and see for yourself.” – Rachel S.

Full Circle Yoga KCYoga Studios Kansas City

Full Circle Yoga KC was established in 2017 by yoga teacher Jenny Hellman. They are concentrating on wellness in the early stages of family life, from conception to early motherhood, as well as in later adulthood. Jenny has spent the last twelve years working to transform long-term care institutions into person-centered and empowered environments. She is now bringing her significant healthcare experience working with families to help you on your wellness journey as you move through the phases of life.

When yoga for kids and teens is meant to be fun, it allows children to explore their breath and body movements without feeling judged. It meets them where they are in their bodies, allowing them to accept the changes that their bodies and minds undergo as they mature.


Prenatal Yoga, Bring Your Own Baby, Family Yoga Classes, Partner Prenatal Yoga


Address: 4327 Troost Ave, Kansas City, MO 64110
Phone: 816-536-4771
Website: www.fullcircleyogakc.com


“Love this studio and the classes offered. Jenny does a great job instructing both prenatal and the BYOBaby sessions. Other prenatal yoga sessions I went to were too slow, hers are challenging (still beginner-friendly) without being too difficult.” – Casey A.

Lisa Ash YogaGood Yoga Studios in Kansas City

Lisa Ash Yoga provides personal yoga therapeutic in Kansas City. Lisa Ash is your partner on your path to optimal health in mind, body, and spirit, with 14+ years of experience helping clients, relieve pain, lower stress, gain physical stamina, heal after procedures, and have safe pregnancies. She will tailor each of your sessions to meet your specific needs as a yoga medicine therapeutic specialist trained in anatomy, spinal health, yogic breathwork, traditional Chinese medicine, and self-myofascial release.

Their particular therapeutic yoga sessions will focus on solutions to your specific pain regions, spine abnormalities, and inefficient movement patterns in order to find relief from chronic pain.


Personal Yoga Sessions, Group Classes, Pre-Recorded Classes, Yoga Teacher Training


Address: 5911 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64113
Website: www.lisaashyoga.com


“Lisa at Lisa Ash Yoga is an incredible human who gives her best to every student. Her desire for yoga, healing, and happiness exudes from her and I’m always impressed with all the ways she works to help people feel their whole selves using a variety of techniques and knowledge. I’ve seen her for years and highly recommend her to everyone!” – Rachel H.

Sweatheory KCOne of the best Yoga Studios in Kansas City

Sweatheory KC provides infrared yoga, fitness, and meditation sessions. Untreated Cedar walls and a pink Himalayan salt wall in their yoga and fitness studios provide comfort and relaxation throughout courses. To improve your experience, the studio is lined with medical-grade chakra lights, which illuminate the entire area with therapeutic colors. Yoga, fitness, and meditation are all available. They have a class that will suit your mood.

Sweatheory’s purpose is to provide you with total well-being — mental, physical, and spiritual. From their infrared saunas’ therapeutic and restorative advantages to their bespoke wellness services, they have created an experience unlike any other to help you feel your best.


Infrared Yoga & Fitness Classes, Vitamin IV


Address: 170 E 19th St, Kansas City, MO 64108
Phone: 816-255-2307
Website: www.sweatheory.com


“Absolutely love this place. Clean, amazing energy, high vibrations from staff and atmosphere. Each sauna has a shower in the changing space for post-sauna shower. I’ve paid far more for less quality elsewhere. 5 stars, don’t think about it go get a sweat in here!” – A P