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5 Best Wooden Sunglasses Stores🥇

Sunglasses are more than just a fashion statement – they are useful and practical, especially in hot, sunny climates (like Australia). Wooden sunglasses, in particular, come with a plethora of benefits, making them an iconic, must-have for every beach-side wardrobe. Often, they are handmade and sourced using sustainable materials, ensuring they are eco-friendly.

Wooden sunglasses usually come in a wide range of different styles, colors and textures, meaning they are highly versatile in any social situation.

Top Wooden Sunglasses Shops Online:

If you’re in the market for a new pair of wooden sunglasses, here are the 5 best wooden sunglass stores:

  1. Woodey – real wood sunglasses with free worldwide shipping
  2. Shwood Eyewear – crafted for the outdoors
  3. Proof Eyewear – unique styles
  4. Woodies – hand-made from walnut
  5. Woodzee – featuring natural materials

#1 Woodey

Woodey - Wooden Sunglasses

Website: www.woodey.com

This is the top shop if you want to get high quality, wood sunglasses! There is a lot to like about sunglasses from Woodey. Firstly, their core mission is to provide its customers with iconic and aesthetic eco-friendly sunglasses. So, if you’re conscious or mindful of how your purchases could be affecting the environment, you won’t have to worry about the environmental repercussions of Woodey’s sunglasses. Their glasses contain less metal and plastic than conventional sunnies while relying predominantly on authentic, biodegradable wood and the use of non-toxic glue. Another benefit is that you can swim with them as most of their wooden sunglasses float, so no more loosing in the sea. Also, this company uses “stainless steel spring hinges” that are flexible (you can open arms more than normally you would), so the sunglasses fit comfortably on your face and last for longer as they are high quality.

The business also has a strategic partnership with OneTreePlanted, where a new tree is planted every time a frame is purchased on their website.

Woodey also uses highly advanced lens technology in their glasses, so you can rest assured you’re not compromising on quality for ethics. Indeed, all their sunnies use a Tri-Acetate Cellulose (TAC) lens, which affords for crisp visuals, while protecting their eyes from glare and UVA/UVB rays. Moreover, their prices include tax and they offer free worldwide shipping, meaning you could score a great deal today!

#2 Shwood Eyewear

Shwood Eyewear - Wooden Sunglasses

Website: https://shwoodshop.com

Like Woodey, Shwood Eyewear has a lot of positives. Founded way back in 2009, Shwood originated from humble beginnings – a single limb of a Madrone tree and some basic lenses from a local corner store. Shwood is a top brand – their products are expensive, especially if you opt for polarised lenses. However, there is a reason why they are costly, and the answer comes down to quality. If you want a pair of sunnies that perfectly embodies your personality, while paying homage to the natural world, then Shwood Eyewear is the one for you. Shwood is committed to quality, innovation and curiosity, meaning their wood frames are continually going through experimentation and adaptation.

#3 Proof Eyewear

Website: https://www.iwantproof.com

The next entry on our list of top 5 wooden sunglass stores is Proof Eyewear. Proof Eyewear is a family business, founded by three brothers – Brooks, Tanner and Taylor in 2010. However, this Idaho-based business can be traced back to 1954, where the grandfather of the three brothers, Bud Dame, established his own sawmill. Using their skills and expertise from the mill, the three brothers started working on an idea about sustainable wooden consumer products. Eventually, they arrived at wooden sunglasses. Using handcrafted, sustainable materials (like cotton, recycled aluminium and repurposed skateboard decks), Proof Eyewear is able to provide a range of amazing wooden eyewear. While their prices are a little higher than their competitors, Proof Eyewear always stands by their three core principles: sustainability, heritage and giving back to the community.

#4 Woodies

Woodies- Wooden Sunglasses

Website: https://woodies.com

Coming in at 4 on this list is Woodies. Now, Woodies have been around for a while, and as a result, they are one of the most well-known retailers of wooden sunglass eyewear. They are incredibly accessible, fashionable and affordable. While they can’t boas the same premium quality of some of the other entries, the company has cultivated a strong reputation for effective and reliable customer service. This can largely be attributed to the founder, Cory, and his mother, the latter of whom handles most of the issues relating to customer service. If you want a pair of simple, classy sunglasses, made from bamboo and plastic, then Woodies is the brand for you.

#5 Woodzee


Website: https://www.woodzee.com

Capping off our list of the best wooden sunglass stores in the industry is Woodzee. Designed in California, Woodzee’s range of eyewear blend modern norms with classical mores and styles. They like to keep things fresh while paying homage to traditional themes from the past. Their focus is on providing their customers with premium eyewear via their fantastic customer service teams. While they use lower quality lenses (non-polarised), the quality of the eyewear is unaffected. They charge for worldwide shipping; however, their generous warranties and returns policies more than compensate for this. If you encounter any manufacturing defects in the first three years of ownership, reach out to your Woodzee retailer for a review. If successful, your product will be replaced free of charge!