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The Top 5 Best Wellness Blogs🥇

All over the world, people are becoming more and more health conscious and seek to find the mysteries and truths within the health and wellness industry. This industry is oversaturated within every man, woman and dog claiming that they are gurus, and can offer some secret way of living to provide eternal happiness.

Because of the high demand for these health and wellness tips, it is no wonder that there are so many different wellness blogs out there that all offer generally the same thing. With so many to choose from, it can often be hard to see which ones are authentic and which ones to follow.

Here are the top wellness blogs:

1. The Wellness Route

The Wellness Route

The Wellness Route is a blog that offers a number of different categories to do with health and wellness. These include men and women’s health, natural remedies, nutrition, supplements, fitness, and holism. All of these categories are incredibly important when it comes to creating overall health and wellness, and The Wellness Route is perfect for guidance as it is headed by a professional team who are passionate about health and wellness.

2. The Balanced Life

The Balanced Life

The Balanced Life is a well rounded blog that is run by Robin Long. The site offers free Pilates workout classes and guides, a popular form of exercise which has ties into health and wellness. However, the site offers much more, and you will find a community there centered around members who are all interested in health and wellness as well as health recipes and international living tips.

3. Everyday Health

Everyday Health

Everyday Health is a blog that almost acts as a news site as well, posting stories and articles to do with health and wellness. These articles can range from stories about health and what they mean for a person, to informative and scientific articles which can be used to describe how certain things work. The combination of the two means you will be able to read articles to entertain yourself while also reading ones that inform you about how certain activities are impacting yourself. A great blog!

4. HuffPost


HuffPost offers a healthy living blog which posts informative articles which also catch the eye and keep you entertained. HuffPost is a reputable provider of articles, and their blog of on healthy living can therefore be trusted to bring you entertaining and informative articles to do with health and wellness.

5. Well


Well is a reputable health and wellness blog as it is run by the one and only New York Times. The New York Times is a huge and well known publisher, and as such their blog will be of a high quality. If you are looking for a health and wellness blogs that guarantees quality in every single article.

These are the top 5 best health and wellness blogs available on the Internet. Any of these will be able to provide you with informative and entertaining articles to keep you healthy and well.