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5 Best Weight Loss Centres in Virginia Beach, VA

Below is a list of the top and leading Weight Loss Centres in Virginia Beach. To help you find the best Weight Loss Centres located near you in Virginia Beach, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Virginia Beach’s Best Weight Loss Centres:

The top rated Weight Loss Centres in Virginia Beach, VA are:

  • Fast Fit Body Sculpting – uses a tested, licensed system to target stubborn fat
  • Seriously Health – is a health clinic situated in Virginia Beach, VA
  • Jenny Craig Weight Loss Center – gives the most efficient and entire weight loss program ever
  • Fountain of You MD – is a creative therapeutic spa in Virginia Beach
  • LightRx – Virginia Beach – is an outstanding med spa offering a broad array of treatments

Fast Fit Body SculptingWeight Loss Centres in Virginia Beach

Fast Fit Body Sculpting uses a tested, licensed system to target stubborn fat. It minimizes problematic areas like the arms, thighs, hips, and tummy. To achieve this, they open the pores on the fat cells, releasing fatty acids for natural physiological processes to digest. In order to tighten and tone the skin, the light stimulates fibroblasts, which reinforce the collagen and elastin fibers. As a result, sagginess, rolls, or crepey skin are reduced.

Stubborn fat is a problem that both men and women face. Fast Fit Body Sculpting is thus a choice for anyone seeking fat reduction without the negative consequences of surgery, diet pills, or other potentially harmful procedures, regardless of age or body type. The Fast Fit Body Sculpting technology also makes it possible to focus on specific treatment regions like the face, arms, legs, and midsection.


Weight Loss, Visceral Fat How to Lose Belly Fat, Skin Tightening, Body Sculpting


Address: Hilltop Plaza, Virginia Beach, VA 23454
Phone: 757-239-1269
Website: www.fastfitbodysculpting.com


“My experience with Fast Fit Body Sculpting has been fantastic! The employees are supportive and very friendly. The program is simple. After years of different weight loss programs, this program with their technology worked! I got my body back!! Give them a call. You will not regret it!” – Kathe H.

Seriously HealthTop Weight Loss Centres in Virginia Beach

Seriously Health is a health clinic situated in Virginia Beach, VA. Through their varied services, they aim to improve the lives of their patients. To assist those battling weight-related ailments like hypertension, diabetes, and heart problems, they initially launched a weight loss clinic. Since then, the clinic has grown to offer patients of all ages, sizes, and genders the chance to improve their wellness through the use of supplements, IV vitamin nutrition therapy, hormone therapy, dermatologic skin care, and, of course, their time-tested weight loss program.

Seriously Health is a welcoming place free from prejudice. They work hard to make sure that patients have enough time with sympathetic clinicians who are willing to listen. They work to identify and specifically address the professional and personal obstacles that stand in the way of patient wellness. You are never treated like a number at Seriously Health; rather, you are remembered.


Medical Weight Loss, Hormone Replacement for Men & Women, Evolve Body Contouring, Aesthetics & Skincare


Address: 130 Business Park Dr, Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Phone: 757-313-5420
Website: www.seriouslyhealth.com


“Awesome! I lost 30+ lbs. The staff is helpful and kind. I’m happy with “Seriously Health.” KUDOS! Now – I have the boost that I need to continue my journey.” – Sistersan.

Jenny Craig Weight Loss CenterWeight Loss Centres Virginia Beach

Jenny Craig Weight Loss Center gives the most efficient and entire weight loss program ever. They will support your efforts to eat better, live healthier, and shed pounds at Jenny Craig in Virginia Beach. With Max Up, you will get everything you need to achieve your objectives, including amazing chef-prepared meals, individualized weight loss coaching, innovative exercise and quality of life plans, and ground-breaking Recharge Bars.

With effective weight loss programs, Jenny has helped millions of people unveil the best version of themselves for almost 40 years. Visit them at 4540 Princess Anne Road, Suite 125, in Virginia Beach.


Plans & Pricing, How It Works, Healthy Habits, Shop, Max Up


Address: 4540 Princess Anne Rd Suite 125, Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Phone: 757-495-3669
Website: www.jennycraig.com


“I love this Center! I am a lifetime member. I joined in 1992. Jenny Craig is always here when I need to get a few pounds off. My counselor was Courtney! She was amazing! The whole staff is amazing here! Join today and start feeling great about yourself again.” – Daylene W.

Fountain of You MDGood Weight Loss Centres in Virginia Beach

Fountain of You MD is a creative therapeutic spa in Virginia Beach. They are committed to offering remedies for the age-related physical decline. At every stage of life, their highly skilled and knowledgeable team specializes in safe and efficient therapies to help men and women in Virginia Beach look and feel their best. They support you at every level of your aesthetic journey to make sure you appear and feel young, refreshed, and assured.

Dr. Arbuckle, a board-certified physician with additional training in aesthetic medicine, is one of several nurse practitioners and master aestheticians that make up their team. In order to stay up to date with the most recent advancements in aesthetic medicine, their cosmetic providers continue their education.


Weight Loss Treatment, Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Female Hormone Replacement Therapy, Peptide Therapy


Address: 2859 Virginia Beach Blvd STE 108, Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Phone: 757-644-4615
Website: www.fountainofyoumd.com


“Dr. Arbuckle & his team always make me home! I’ve personally watched over 10 men’s entire lives positively change after coming here. Bloodwork is always a smooth process and the results are explained in detail so I can understand what’s going on. 5/5. Amazing group of professionals at Fountain of You MD.” – Justin M.

LightRx – Virginia BeachOne of the best Weight Loss Centres in Virginia Beach

LightRx – Virginia Beach is an outstanding med spa offering a broad array of treatments. These procedures are intended to improve your self-confidence. Body contouring, skin tightening, laser liposuction, and other services are offered to clients by LightRx. They concentrate on non-invasive, risk-free medical procedures. LightRx is designed for people who desire to smile when they look in the mirror.

The ideal alternative for you is laser lipo in Virginia Beach if you have tried to lose weight or have not been able to burn fat in a troublesome area like the stomach, thighs, buttocks, or love handles and you do not want to have surgery to address it. Without causing any harm to your body, laser lipo works to remove fat by physically melting the fat away beneath your skin.


Body Contouring, Cellulite Removal, Skin Tightening, Laser Lipo, Laser Hair Removal


Address: 4625 Virginia Beach Blvd #105, Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Phone: 757-654-3131
Website: www.lightrx.com


“This is so much safety than anything evasive. No injections or looking botched. Everyone is phenomenal and they make sure your comfortable at all times. The techs who do the procedures are all amazing. I was scared the first time I was there and Emily is not God send. She was just great. Looking forward to my next visit. Saw results after the first treatment.” – Thorn W.